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Arranged Marriage

Dedicated to
Sara Bezzina

Hermione was awoken by the sound of her cellphone."Hello,who's there?"She had to put the phone down when she heard Ron's urgent voice shouting from the other end of the cellphone."Ron,calm down because I'm not understanding a word you're saying.Repeat yourself...this time slowly",said Hermione."Hermione this is too complicated to explain on the phone.Meet me infront of Flourish and Blotts in an hour.The others will be there too",explained Ron

Hermione realised,from the tone of Ron's voice that this was serious,so she started to prepare herself for the meeting and was ready to go out in 30 minutes.

 Ten minutes before the time she was supposed to meet Ron she apparated herself outside Flourish and Blotts.Nobody was there yet so she decided to browse the shop a little until someone showed up.Five minutes later she saw Ron approaching.She ran outside to meet up with him.They didn't have much time to catch up though,since all the others had started to show up.

 Ginny,Harry,Ron and Hermione had been closer than ever after the war.Hermione and Ron had tried dating for a while but realised they were far better off as best friends.Even Harry and Ginny had got back together after the war,but time had changed the both of them and they didn't have that spark anymore between them,so they remained good friends.

 The four of them enjoyed catching up while drinking a cup of coffee once in a while.Ron started leading the way to a coffee shop were they were going to hear Ron's urgent news.

 When they were seated and settled inside the coffee shop,Ron immediately began to explain why he had called them there in the first place."Ok.So all of you know that many witches and wizards died during the war,a year ago",started Ron.They all nodded to show they understood."Well,the Ministry thinks that it's about time that people started getting married and having children,to restore the wizarding community",continued to explain Ron.

 By the end of that explanation the other three wizards were gaping at him.Ginny was the one who broke the silence."What's that supposed to mean?"Ron gave her a worried smile and then proceeded in his explanation."It means that wizards and witches between the ages of 16 and 30 have to get married in a years time.After the year is over and all witches and wizards are married,every married couple will be expected to conceive a child in another years time".

 "WHAT?!",they screamed together.Ginny started muttering,"There must be a way out of it",while Hermione,who was always the logical one,said"This means that we have to find a partner and get married in a year.It'll be difficult,but I think we can manage."

 At those words Ron looked even more worried."No,Ginny there's no way out.It's like a new Wizarding Law.You see,here comes the bad news...",and with that he took a huge sip of coffee and started biting his nails."Wasn't this bad enough!",yelled Harry looking skeptical."Unfortunately,no",replied Ron,not realising that Harry was being sarcastic."The bad news is,that the Ministry gets to decide who your partners will be."

 "You have got to be kidding me!",they all shouted at the top of their lungs."They have to know that they'll probably ruin our lives!",argued Ginny,her face looking as red as her hair."How do you know this anyway?The Daily Prophet hasn't said anything about it",asked Harry."Good question Harry",said Ron."Since Dad works at the Ministry,he got to know about it before the rest of the wizarding community,so he told me to tell you."

 During this whole speech Hermione had been doing some hard thinking and had come up with a very important question."But how is the Ministry going to choose our partners?I mean,for all we know,they might choose someone we don't even know.That'll be a weird marriage!"

 Ron had been listening carefully to what she was saying and by the end of her speech,he was giving her a reassuring smile."The Ministry are going to be perfoming some spells to find out who everybody's soulmate is.That way,you'll be marrying someone similar to you",reassured Ron.

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Tom Feltonas Draco Malfoy
Emma Watsonas Hermione Granger
Daniel Radcliffeas Harry Potter
Scarlett Byrneas Pansy Parkinson
Bonnie Wrightas Ginny Weasley
Louis Cordiceas Blaise Zabini
Rupert Grintas Ron Weasley
Evanna Lynchas Luna Lovegood
Helen McCroryas Narcissa Malfoy

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