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How can you deal with the person you love when she got a brattitude? Would you still like her even if she's really that kind of person who makes your world doomed with all her ill-mannered and troublesome action?

How can  you let her feel that she's not alone? Would you like to help her overcome her fears and weaknesses?

How can you help her become an angel again? What if it's too late? Would your regrets help you move on.?

This is a story about a girl who needs a love , attention and affection from those people around her. She had been an angel but because of jealousy, she transformed into a very furious, ruthless, rebellious, and an unfriendly  person who trust no one except herself.

Maybe some of the happenings are not realistic at all or never been experienced but we may never know that it might happened in other peoples life. I hope you'll still have the eagerness to continue reading it.

TO MY READERS, thank you for reading this and please help me improve my work by simply giving your comments. Thank you again and I hope you will enjoy my story.

This is a work of fiction, so the characters in this story has nothing to do with other people, dead or alive for they are just fictitious. If it has resemblance to other people's life story then it is just  a coincidence.

Publishing & copying this story to other web pages is prohibited. Please do not plagiarize. Thank you!!!

I'm just a frustrated writer and a student like you. My passion is writing stories and I'm happy to share it with other people.

Please comment and give your feedbacks. Thank You and may you be blessed. Have a good time.