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Its Complicated... (A Mindless Behavior Rated R Love Story)


Prisca’s POV

I’m probably one of the last people she wants to see but at the end of the day she has to realise that i still love her as a sister...


I was at the house listening to music on my blackberry then i get a call... it was from ray ray... that was unexpected...

Ray: Come quick call Seph, Prince, Roc aswell she’s hurt she’s hurt

Me: Wait Hol’up calm down ray who’s hurt? Take a deep breath

Ray: Stephanie! We found her and she just got knocked out by a car she’s weak af

Me: Okay where are you?

Ray: Um i’m in the ambulance van with libby and Stephanie

Me: Okay expect me there in 5 mins and i’m taking your car

Ray: yeah whatever just hurry up

Me: Okay Bye *Hangs Up*

Dang this is not what i expected i gotta go find them all and they all hate me... whatever i’m
gonna go see prince first

I burst into prince ‘s room i didn’t know i had been crying but he looked at me then looked

Me: Get Up Now We Got To Go

Prince: I ain’t going anywhere with you

Me: Don’t do this for me do it for Stephanie! She’s hurt

Prince: *eyes widen* Hurt?

Me: *Explains what ray said*

Prince: Okay i’ll go get seph you find roc

Me: Okay... and prince..

Prince: Yes?

Me: I’m sorry

Prince: *rolls his eyes* Whatever..

I Go Into Roc’s room and...

Steph’s POV

I woke up to white walls machinery everywhere and sephora squeezing the remains of my life out of me... she realised i woke and she got up she looked pale, sick, and hurt also very confused... i didn’t say anything so she started biting her nails like mad the silence was killing me so she decided to speak up.

Seph: Why did you leave?

I said nothing.

Seph: Why didn’t you tell me if you were okay?

I kept quite.

Seph: You know i never ate or moved for 9 whole days

I looked down... and she sighs

Seph: I’m sorry i’m just so confused

I turned to my left and say prince. His eyes all red and puffy from crying he was all shaky aswell i looked at him and before i could say anything he answered my unsaid question.

Prince: He isn’t coming.

I nodded then cried... who was i kidding i love roc and i threw all the trust he had for me away... I’m such an idiot

3 weeks later Stephanie was aloud out of hospital you can’t see any bruises or cuts anymore but she is still on crutches Roc hasn’t spoken to anyone for 4 weeks Everyone is in their own rooms when Stephanie decides to invite everyone to the chill zone (cos her room is being decorated) to talk like old times.

Normal POV

Ray: Hey! Its the cripple kid

Steph: oh haha your joke is giving me stitches.

Ray: actually it gave you a cast

Steph: shut up ray

Seph: You guys are stupid

Prisca: Word.

Prince: In my defence... i’m pretty darn smart

Prod: in your biggest dreams

Libby: *Hits Prince with a pillow* Vain much ?

Prince: Problem?  *Poker face*

Seph’s POV

The suspense is killing me but i don’t want to break the mood... it’s been a while since we could just messed around like this... where’s roc though... oh well he’s missing out and i think stephanie’s starting to get over him anyway

Me: So um steph you knew i was gonna ask you this sooner or later...

Steph: I guess...

Ray: ask what...

Lib: Dang Y’all are slow

Prince: Could you please explain what she was gonna ask steph

Prod: This girl code is messed up

All boys: Word

Prisca: It’s not rocket science... Seph is going to ask steph where she was fpr the past 9 days

Boys: Ohhh

Girls: Idiots

Stephanie explained to us what happened i wanted to cry but i didn’t... It hurts to know people actually do that to other people... the room was silent when Stephanie finished

Steph: Aye why the long faces?

Ray: You were hurt.

Steph: And?

Prod: And we weren’t their to help.

Steph: So?

Prince: So now your all casted up.

Steph: Being upset won’t take those facts away it’ll just make it harder to move away from that perspective of reality. The only thing that matters now is that we’re all together again

Lib: Not ALL

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