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Chapter Twelve

*Very unedited.

*The Spanish in this story is from google translator, so to any of you Spanions < … Out there don't take offence or correct me if it's wrong. Blame Google.


I was at my locker getting my books for my next two classes the next day by myself. The first time I'd been alone in a while actually, and I surprisingly liked it, some time to myself. But I did feel kind of vulnerable still.

I started reciting my speech that I had to do for Spanish, it was in my head now but I knew by the time I got in there, it would be gone.

Frowning I closed my locker, letting out a scream when Aiden was leaning on the one next to it, his arms folded a smirk on his face.

“Gosh! Don't do that!” I scolded.

He laughed as the rest of them came out from behind him. “You were in your own little world Evie, we called your name and you didn't even respond,” Grace said, popping her gum loudly.

“Sorry,” I murmured adjusting my books in my arm and following them as they started walking.

“What do you have now?” Hannah asked.

“Um, Spanish I think...” I looked at Aiden and he nodded. Yesterday at his place, we had finally finished the well as test the cookie limit, which ended at least a good hour after it started. We decided that the best thing for him to do was to put his hand on various areas of my body until I was comfortable....which was nearly always.

I went red and ignored Grace's knowing smirk before I watched her stick her foot in front of Trey's. He stumbled, cursing as we all laughed.

“Sorry Trey, bad shoes.”

Trey rolled his eyes, “more like bad attitude.”

Grace stuck up her finger before taking Lucy's arm and pulling her off to whatever class they had. The rest kept walking with us, each one disappearing until it was just Aiden and myself.

“Did you get a handle on the presentation?” Aiden asked as he lead me into the classroom and to our desk at the back. My gut was churning with nerves at the idea of getting up in front of the class and having to speak...I nodded biting my lip.

“Sort of...I know I'm going to get up there and forget it all.” Aiden laughed and squeezed my hand.

“You'll be fine.”

The teacher introduced the class and began calling pairs up to present their findings. My stomach twisted as I toyed with the hem of my shirt, going over it in my head.

“Evelyn, Aiden,” teacher called. I gasped and stumbled up as Aiden did, and he put a steadying hand on my shoulder, flicking me a reassuring smile.

Here goes nothing.

Aiden introduced us, and our famous Spanish person, we had chosen Victoria Abril, some famous actor back in 1959. He said what he had to say, fluently as well and I watched the girls at the front swooning over him...uck.

I looked at him and he was waiting and I realised it was my turn. Biting my lip I took a gulp of air and tried to remember what I had to say...

“Ella se hizo muy conocida en España en 1976 cuando apareció por dos años en elprograma Un, dos, tres … Otra torre de respondu como secretario, aunque tarde, ha renegado de ….de um...” I bit my lip and scratched my head. Panic seeped in as I realised I stuffed up all of that and I felt my cheeks flaming as I gnawed on my lip. Aiden grabbed my hand but it was stiff in his as people began laughing, the teacher hushing them. Shaking my head I said whatever came to mind. “Y um se orinó en la iglesia de actuar habilidad-” People burse out laughing at this and I stopped looking at Aiden who was barely trying to restrain his laughter.

Hurt flashed through me and I tore my hands from his as I bolted from the room into the girls bathroom, locking myself in a stall.

Someone knocked on the door outside calling my name and I knew it was Aiden.

“Evie?” He called. “I will barge into a girls bathroom if you don't come out right now. You have five!” He came in and I glared, getting up and yanking the door open.

“Come to laugh some more?!” I yelled.

He grabbed my upper arms, “Evie,” he began the start of a smile and quickly restrained itself. “You have to understand, you said Victoria Abril pissed on the church of acting, it was hard not to.”

I stared at him, trying to hold it in...but I couldn't. I burst into a fit of laughter. Pissed on the church of acting. I shook my head, “oh my god. I am never doing that again!” I gasped.

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Chapter Twelve


Minka Kellyas Evelyn
Channing Tatumas Aiden
Trey Songzas Trey
Ashley Greeneas Grace
Keltie Martinas Lucy
Josh Hartnettas Geoff

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