A Sorcerer's Secret



out into the bright sun I once again wished I had brought my sunglasses with me. I flagged down a taxi and told the driver to take me back to my home, a small apartment in New York. I was 28, just short of six foot, I’ve always been skinny but from my later teen years to now I had worked out a few times a week so I’m also kind of muscular. I have long brown hair, I’m not particularly good looking, and the only thing that could be considered special about me is my eyes. I have always had these astonishingly bright blue eyes, neon almost. You know that song Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? Well if Rudolph wanted the day off my eyes could light the way through any storm. And when I say that’s the only special thing about me, I mean the only physical trait. Another thing that could be considered special about me is the fact that I’m a modern day wizard. I didn’t know about my powers until I was almost 20 which is almost unheard of for powers to manifest that late, but I think it was a good thing because there were a few times during high school that I may have used my powers to turn someone into a toad or something.My best friend Derik and I have been friends since high school, and he is the only reason I made it all the way to graduation. Unfortunately I can’t tell even him about my powers because the Council would kill me. The Council is the governing body of wizards and sorceresses worldwide.

“That’ll be $17.50.” the driver informed me.

“Wow, there goes like three hours of work.” I complained as I dug in my pockets for the money.

The driver grinned, “I just made that in 15 minutes, perhaps you’re in the wrong profession.”

“Yeah,” I countered as I grabbed the groceries, “but I also don’t have to worry about someone putting a gun to my head.”

“Hmm, a good point, that.” He winked at me, in the non-creepy way only old men can accomplish.

“I never make any points that aren’t good, Charles.” I pointed out.

“Again, good point,” he laughed, “nice to see you again Cameron.”

“You too, old man,” I smirked, knowing how he hates being called that, “stop by the shop anytime you feel like giving my hard earned money back.”

“Maybe I will,” he replied, putting the car in reverse, “Valentines Day is coming up I will need some roses for the lady.”

“Cool, see you then,” I yelled, waving as he drove off. I walked up the front walk, searching for my key. I got to the door and still hadn’t found the key so I put down the bags and searched all my pockets. I sighed, realizing I had lost the keys again. I walked up to the door and placed my hand on the doorknob, closing my eyes. I opened them again as the door opened. I really don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a wizard. I’m just lucky I forget keys and not spells I suppose. As I put away the groceries I thought back to that day a few weeks ago when one of the most powerful wizards in the city had showed up on my doorstep and told me the Council wanted me to be present at their next meeting. I’m not sure what they want with me as I’m not a particularly powerful wizard. I can hold my own and I know pretty much every genre of magic, rather than specializing in one of them. Well the meeting is tomorrow, so I suppose I will find out then.

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