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Mind Reader


Chapter 1

"I love you" 

"mmmm" he said kissing down my neck 

"oh my god! This chick Is so hot! Whats her name again? CRAP! Oh well. Can't wait til tonight! Her place, oh yeah! Calm down dude. Now, how to seduce her? Oh my god did she just say she loves me? Shit!" 

I pushed him off me. God he is disgusting. I opened the car door and got out. "You. Are. Repulsive!" I screamed and slammed the door in his face. His face was in shock.  

"WHAT!" he yelled inside the car.

I stood there for a moment, contemplating which way to go. I headed east becauseNow I'm walking home at 2 in the morning. Great! Boys. They are all the same. Every single one of them. All they think about it sex! LITERALLY! God! Every date I have ends up the same! They all think about sex sex sex. Will I ever be able to find someone who loves me? Oh shit, now I'm crying! Good one Alissa, nice work.

After an hour I finally reached my neighbourhood. I rocked up to my street and started down it, counting the houses that all looked the same. We were number 13 and since they all were identical, I could never tell which was mine. The only difference was, that ours had perfectly trimmed grass and a pristine clean driveway with two identical BMW's. I reached the driveway and looked up at my house. It was pretty big and nice looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. All the houses on Hammond Street looked like this. I wiped my eyes and walked up to the front door.

I reached up and took the key above the door, quietly slipping it into the slot and cringing as the door creaked. I prayed that my parents were asleep and hadn't noticed what time it was. All the lights were off and the living room was piercingly quiet. The fire place was still going, but other than that, it looked like it had been hours since people were here. YES I thought, they would never know. I grinned to myself and headed for the stairs. I climbed them two at a time and ran silently to my room, holding my breath as I ran past their room.

As I slipped inside and shut the door I let out a loud sigh. I dropped my handbag on my desk and went to my bathroom. I took a long, needed shower, the hot water running down my neck, wiping away all my anger. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked back to my closet. I grabbed my nighty (yes I wear a nighty! There comfortable!) and dropped the towel. I pulled the stretchy nighty over myself and climbed into bed, shivering at the cool sheets. Just as I was about to nod off my door creaked. I sat up and squinted to see a small figure in the doorway

"Aly, are you awake??" it said. I groaned and got out of bed and went to pick up my little sister. 

"Abby, what are you doing up this late?" I said in my best parental voice. She goes to bed at 7:30 and its now..i looked at my night stand..5am! SHIT!  

She looked at me confused "i'm not tired anymore" she whined "can you make me" she looked at me with the large blue eyes and I couldnt resist. She was just so cute! 

I took her downstairs and popped in two slices of bread since we were out of cereal. Argh I will have to do the groceries! Mum and dad used to do it, but ever since mum landed the job in law and dad became Chief of Medicine at the hospital, they don't have time for us anymore. I know it sounds horrible that they don't care much about their own children but i'm over it. Really I am. I have my own problems to worry about. I sighed and watched Abby eat her toast, picking off the crusts and munching loudly on the middle part. I strained my ears to hear her. But nothing. It was so odd! She was the only person I have ever met that I can't read their mind. I mean, I can read other 5 year olds, and granted all they think about is in gibberish, but just not her! I left her with a colouring book and I ran back up stairs just as mum and dad came down, Mum wearing the same dress suit as yesterday and dad in his big white coat. We weren't quite at the 'acceptance' stage yet, but it still wasn't the same since I told them I could hear their thoughts...


"Alissa stop being silly. Your father and i are tired of this nonsense and we don't have time for your idiotic, teenage games." I rolled my eyes and just stood there, waiting for her to elaborate. She was chopping the carrots when she looked up "I'm serious Alissa, quit it!".

"Whats with all the commotion?" my father came in the door and smiled when he saw me "Hey baby girl" he said kissing my hair "Where's my Abby?" he playfully said loudly.

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