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People have asked for a cast list since you cannot see it on mobile so here it is;

Tessa Young- Indiana Evans

Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall- themselves

Richard Young- Matthew Fox

Carol Young- Denise Richards

Ken Styles- Dylan McDermott

Karen Styles- Laura Leighton ( you can also picture the actually Karen Payne but she is who I pictured in the beginning but Laura keep creeping into my mind)

Trevor Bennett-  Ian Somerholder

Noah Porter- Zach Roerig

Christian Vance- Joseph Morgan

Kimberly Barney- Elizabeth Banks

Jonah Soto- Blair Redford

Max Thompson- Adrian Pasdar

Sasha- you can decide that one ;)

Lillian- Alexandra Daddario

RIley- Kylie Bunbury

Chad (Richard's "friend") - Ben Foster

(If forgot anyone just name them in the comments and I'll add them next chapter:)


The songs for this chapter are:

Skinny Love- Birdy

Shelter- Birdy

Seattle- Jason Walker

Through the Dark - One direction



"Shh," Harry softly hums into my hair. He's holding me in his arms as I ride out the last cluster of heaves accompanying my sobbing fit.

I'm not sure why I'm crying so much, I've just missed Liam terribly and his warm reaction to my return made me emotional.

"Can her old man get a turn?" I hear my father's voice behind the limb cage Harry has created for me.

"In a moment," Harry pulls away enough to look down at me, assessing my mental state.

"I'm okay, just happy." I assure him. His shoulders visibly relax and he unwraps his arms from my body. Liam stands only feet away, his smile still bright and loving, as I hug my father. He must have known that I would be coming to visit, his.. Liam's clothes are tight on his body, and his face is clean shaven.

"Look at you!" I exclaim with a smile, "no beard!" He whoops a loud laugh and hugs me tighter.

"Yeah, no more beard for me," he tells me.

"How was the drive?" Liam asks, shoving his hands into the pockets of his navy colored slacks.

"Shit," Harry says at the exact moment that I say, "good,"

Liam and my father both laugh, Harry looks annoyed, and I am just happy to be home.. not home, in Pullman, with my best friend and the closest relative that I am in contact with. I really need to call my mother soon, I keep putting it off.

"I'm going to put your bag in the room," Harry announces, leaving the three of us to continue our welcoming. I watch as Harry disappears into the bedroom that we once shared, his shoulders are set low and I want to follow after him but I don't.

"I've missed you too much, Tessie. How's Seattle treating you?" My father asks. It's odd to look at him now, wearing one of Liam's collared shirts and dress slacks, with no hair on his face. He looks like a completely different man. The bags under his eyes have increased heavily though, and I notice the way his hands are slightly shaking at his sides.

"It's good, I'm still getting used to it." I tell him.

"That's good to hear." He smiles. Liam steps closer and my father takes a seat on the edge of the couch.

"It feels like you've been gone a month," Liam remarks, holding my gaze. He looks tired too, maybe from staying at the apartment with my father? I don't know, but I want to find out.

"It does, time is strange in Seattle, how is everything? I feel like we  have barely talked," it's true. I haven't called Liam as often as I should have and he must have been really busy with his last semester in Washington. If less than three weeks is this tough, how will I bear him moving all the way to New York?

"I knew you would be busy, everything's okay." He says, his eyes dart to the wall and I sigh. What has been happening in Pullman since I departed and why do I feel like I'm missing out on something obvious?

"Are you sure?" I glance back and forth between my best friend and my father, taking in his drained expression.

"Yes, we'll talk about it later. Tell me about Seattle," Liam beams, the dimmed light in him, turnes up and magnifies into a bright burn of happiness, the happiness that I have missed so much.

"It's okay.." I trail off and his forehead creases from his frown. "Really, it's okay. Much better now that Harry is visiting more,"

"Some space, huh?" He playfully teases, nudging my shoulder with the palm of his hand. "You two have the strangest definition of breaking up," he quietly laughs and I roll my eyes, agreeing.

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Indiana Evansas Tessa Young
Harry Stylesas Harry Styles
Zayn Malikas Zayn Malik
Liam Payneas Liam Payne
Dylan McDermottas Ken Styles
Joseph Morganas Christian Vance
Elizabeth Banksas Kim Barney
Matthew Foxas Richard Young
Denise Richardsas Carol Young
Ian Somerholderas Trevor

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