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Pre-Order the After series here! 
After release- October 21, 2014
After We Collided- November 18, 2014
After We Fell- December 30, 2014 
After Ever Happy- February 2015
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After (Published Preview)

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eeermmm...I jus wanted to say that forget the haters ...coz only god can judge ya...and we do t need to be afraid if we haven't done anything wrong and all the books warn before it starts so if they still read..its their fault ..so yeah..remember the number of your supporters is larger than the haters...and directioners can scream louder than anyone..so yeah..I hope u jus kick back..chill...and enjoy things..have good day Anna and thanks for writing After! luf yiew !xx
J4m0nT045t posted a message to imaginator1D
I just wanna say, I read your 'After' series on here and they are AMAZING! I saw 'After' in a shop the other day and had to stop myself buying several copies! You really, truly are my hero and you give me hope that maybe one day I'll be able to be published too. You're living my dream!
annivici posted a message to imaginator1D
I am sooo happy for you that After is being published! I've read the first book and half of the second so far, and you are crazy talented! People who hate on you for getting it published sound either super jealous or as if they just heard what After is about because they all repeat the same sh*t -.- 
AND (!) nobody told 12 year olds to read these books, as far as i can remember there was a warning about everything, if they choose to ignore this then they have to live with things they might not like. Just saying.
Anyway, me and at least 3 of my friends are going to buy the books, you have infected us :) <3