The passionate story of Tessa and Harry continues as family secrets, deep betrayals, and career opportunities threaten to tear them apart.
melonyy melonyy 6 days ago
I just saw a movie called prime and for some reason it reminds me about harry and Tess like the after book  hah
nerdyshailz nerdyshailz 8 days ago
Reading the third part finally....well unlike most of the trilogy this one has kept my interest till the it
esmerlin esmerlin 9 days ago
i have read this so many times its crazy Writing is hard and she make seem like its nothing just amazing im wrote a book to i just hope it could what as good as this one hope you guys check it out if you have times love this book
Raspberrygirl21 Raspberrygirl21 9 days ago
u r really awsomee,i have fallen in love with harry and Tessa so much,they feel so alive,nd after i complete all the series i will miss it so muchhhh
NatashaThompson NatashaThompson 10 days ago
I can't help but to keep reading! I have read the other two book straight through in two days. What's so bad is that I don't like fanfictions but these books are amazing! You are a great writer and I now have a whole new outlook on fanfictions!
MarianaSoares2 MarianaSoares2 10 days ago
Hi Anna never cried so much when reading a Fic his was the most perfect of all I've ever read , so I wanted to know in before you will show what happened to them in Las Vegas she have children? They marry ?
Per- PLEASE need a light