Poetry from Somewhere in There


So this is my first piece of writing for Wattpad, and definitely not my last :D I hope that anyone reading this will give me honest feedback and some constructive criticism :D Thankyou

Also this is dedicated to my very first fan @ninjariceiv who seems to be a great person and welcomed me ever so kindly :D

It’s always been sitting back,

Waiting for a chance to be noticed,

To be loved even,

Waiting for a chance to say anything,

Anything at all,

But it would never happen,

There would never be a chance,

Not even a single second,

To speak, to shine, to be visible,

It was always the sitting back from everything,

And waiting for someone to notice,

The person that needed the most help,

Was always the one sitting there waiting,

Waiting for someone to notice how secluded they felt,

How they grew up and just waited, and waited,

For that chance, that would never come,

Even after years had passed, they still waited,

Because everyone needed that chance,

But not all would get it,

Not everybody was allowed that chance,

And those who were never realised how lucky it was,

How lucky they were to be given that chance,

And those who were given the chance,

But who never took it,

Don’t realise how great an opportunity it was,

That they had lost, wasted,

Wasted in just a blink of an eye,

And for those who never got the chance,

They lay awaiting the time,

When they might be granted that one thing,

That one chance.

©TylerRoberts 2011

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