Chapter One

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I felt a warm wet nose nuzzle my cheek, I was eight years old and curled up on the snowy ground freezing, my family was attacked and killed by the man, James, when I raised my eyelids I saw soft golden eyes looking down at me threw black hair, a wolf, I reached up and hugged its head crying silently into it.

Its eyes seemed to say something... I let go of it and looked at it closer... his head twitched towards his back, it wanted me to ride it, I tried to get up but I was half frozen and my knees buckled under me. The wolf whimpered and nudged me to my feet I slowly got up and there was a jolting pain in my kneecap.

I limped over to the wolf back, it held perfectly still, I lifted my small leg and gently swung it over. When my leg rested on its furry warm back a heard a small growl and froze, had I assumed wrong? I slowly rested it back down and felt a shiver run through it, I was cold and that’s why it had growled when I was sure it wasn’t going to hurt me I sat down all the way, it looked back at me and then down at its fur, I grabbed the fur and the wolf began to walk then it started trotting and soon it was on a full run. I was only eight and I understood everything that happened.

As it ran at full speed I gripped the fur even tighter the wind was whipping my hair behind me. The falling snow melted as it touched my skin, and the cold wind was stinging my face. I looked around and saw the trees rushing by us. Remembering the shows I had seen I leaned forward to increase speed. My cold face was warmed by the back of the wolf. The next time I looked over I saw the trees were flying past even faster than before. We spent many nights in dens made by the wolf and he slowly taught me there language. I soon understood there language and forgot all about English.

Soon we reached the den of the wolves, it was a small pack with all different types of wolfs living together. they looked mean and strong, then the alpha stood, he slowly walked towards us and sniffed me, he flung his head back like I had hit him, he looked down at the wolf I was riding and said in a mean voice,

“Why did you bring a human here Fang?”

Fang started to back away, but stopped as he realized that backing away would do no good.

“Because she was lost and half frozen, I chose to keep her alive!” he stepped forward standing up to the alpha.

“You know what humans do! You’ve seen it!” The alpha yelled looking, at the scar on Fangs side.

I gingerly slipped off of the Fang’s back, trying to decide what do.

“Yeah I have! But she’s a young one and wouldn’t do that kind of thing!” he ones again hollered at him. I was standing by Fangs side and had one hand ratted into its hair

“How do you know!” the alpha stepped forward,

“Because when I found her she was laying in the snow covered in blood, human blood, and the smell of him, James, when I awoke her from her slumber she reached up and hugged me and started crying! She showed no sign of FEAR she is fine!”

I looked into the alphas cold Grey eyes and walked towards him, he didn’t realize because he was arguing with Fang when I reached the wolf I rapped my hands around its neck like I did with Fang before,

“Please.” I cried into its neck, he froze, “please take me in, I have no were else to go! Everyone I know is dead he killed them! Please!” I felt the tears of the alpha, he looked at Fang,

“She speaks our language?” he sounded shocked, Fang nodded, he shoved me off, and looked at me with sad eyes

“so he did kill them, I’m sorry but there’s no place for a human here.” his eyes turned cold again,