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Chapter 1

-3:37 AM-
Jennifers POV

    I woke up to the sound of the front door opening and closing. Getting out of bed I grabbed a baseball bat and started walking downstairs keeping the lights off. I followed the sound of footsteps and when I got close enough I hit the figure in front of me. ''STOP STOP ITS ME!'' I heard it say, then the lights  turned on to revile  a beaten Ashley Purdy.
   ''Ashley you asshole-'' I said but was interrupted by Ashley saying '' Me the asshole your the one who beat me with a baseball bat!''

''I thought you were on tour and a robber who broke into the house.''

''I wanted to suprise my baby sister!"

"You did suprise me and... your the best big brother ever!" I said jumping on him and hugging him. " I know I am." he said

"I missed you so much!"

"Doesn't feel like it"

"Ya, sorry about that"

"Anyways, the guys and their girlfriends are going to Andy's later on and you ARE going!"

"Why I don't want to be around the whore, when are you guys going to tell him?"

"We know she is using him but do you really want Jake to be sad?"

"No but, if you guys don't tell him I will."

-2:30 PM-

"Jenny are you ready?!" I heard Ashley yell.

"Yes, yes calm your tits" I said walking downstairs, "But if you don't tell Jake I will."

"Ok fine, fine"

-At Andy's House- (Still Jennifer's POV)

 "You better tell Jake" I told Ashley and started walking to the door and knocked.
 "Jenny!" Andy said opening the door.

"Hey Andy, can I talk to you?"

"Umm... ya sure." he said. I slapped him.

"'OW! What was that for?!"

"You better tell Jake about Ella" I whisper/ yelled, then walked in.

I walked in hugged and said hi to everyone and glared at Ella when she kissed Jake.

- An hour later-

  Jennifer's POV

   By now Ella and Jake had been making out for about an hour I'm suprsed that Ella hasn't swallowed him. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" ""Jenny what are you talking about?" asked Andy "You sure ass hell know what I'm talking about Andy!" I sighed , "Jake can i please talk to you upstairs?" "Um, sure." he said. We started walking upstairs and I grabbed Ella's phone on the way without her noticing. "What did did want to talk about?" he asked "Jake you might not believe me when I tell you this"

"What are you talking about?"

"Jake, Ella is cheating on you"

"Thats crazy, she loves me"

"You want proof?"

"Hell ya I want proof!" he said. I took Ella's phone out of my pocket, unlocked it and went to her contact list, and showed him the contacts that were labeled 'Boyfriend 1, Boyfriend 2, and Boyfriend 3'.

"Oh please Jennifer you could have put those in there" he said

"When have I had a chance to add them she keeps it with her all the time"

"Well you could have come in to our house and added them; you have the key"

"OK now your just making stuff up"

"No your making stuff Jennifer" I rolled my eyes and called 'Boyfriend 2'.

  "Hey babe has that Jake guy found out about us yet?" the guy said at the other end then I hung up.

I turned to Jake and said, "Do you believe me now or do you still think I'm making stuff up?" he just looked at me and ran downstairs.

Jake's POV

"Ella how could you do this to me?!" I said  "What are you talking about Jakey?" she said in an sweet voice.

"How could you cheat on me with 3 other guys?!"  the guys and their girlfriends just starred at us with wide eyes.

"I would never do that Jakey"

"Bullshit! I know I saw Jennifer showed me"

"That bitch!"

"Hey! Don't talk about my sister that way!" Ashley yelled to Ella

"Stay the fuck out of this Purdy! Jen get down here" I yelled she came down glaring at Ella

"If anything your the bitch Ella, you've been nothing but a lying cheating bitch!" Jen said. And Ella just stayed quiet with a blank face. "You know what Ella? We're over. Get out." "But Jakey I can-" "No I don't want to hear it." and she just left.

Jennifer's POV

 After Jake told her off she just left without another word I looked at Jake with a sad look. "I'm sorry Jake-"

"Don't be sorry I'm glad you told me you a great friend" he said. After he said that my heart shadered into millions of pieces and I just looked at him with a sad smile.
"Well we didn't just come for nothing" Ashley said, "He is right... I'll get the alcohol." Andy said.
- Still Jennifer's POV-

  After about and hour or two everybody was drunk out of their minds except for me and Jake. "You know I really appreciate you telling me about Ella" Jake said I just gave him a smile and mumbled "If only you knew" I think he heard me because he said "Knew what?" "Um, nothing just forget about it" "Um... OK" he said. Damn he's hot! But I love Mason! (Boyfriend).

Jake's POV

   Wow. I can't believe Ella has been cheating on me this whole time. How do I just now notice how hot Jennifer is? But Ashley would never let us go out. I wonder what she was talking about when she said 'If only you knew'. Well I'll try to find out tomorrow.
Jennifer's POV

 When I woke up it was... 2 PM?! Wow I slept a long time. Whatever. I brushed my teeth  and went downstairs for Ashley to say, "Well good afternoon Sleeping Beauty" "Shut up Purdy" and he laughed. We just spent the day watching movies and pigging out.
 Well it was 8 PM when I decided to go to my room and look back at the pictures of me and Mason. When I was on the 5th picture I got a call from Mason, "Hey babe!" "Um.. Jen I think we should break up" "What why?!" "Because I cheated I'm so sorry Jen" after he said that I just hung up.
-A week later-

It was 11 at night so I  grabbed my guitar, and went on my balcony and started singing and playing,

"There's a bottle on
 the self talking to me
saying 'come over here
you can have a drink we
can make it

through this lonely night
But that's a road I don't
wanna go back down

And i hate myself for
what I'm thinking now
Hey it's just one night
 Its not like its forever

I just wanna feel better,
I just wanna feel good, feel alright
Feel anything but what I feel tonight
I just wanna move on with my life

And put the pieces back
I just want to feel better

All these pictures running
through my head
From the way he loved to
the way he left

Not a single day goes
By where I don't miss

When the lonely gets
to be too much
I try to kill the pain
with a strangers touch

Though I won't forget
him all together I
just wanna feel better

Feel good feel alright
Feel anything but
what I feel tonight
I just wanna feel
I just wanna move on
With my life

And put the pieces back together
I just wanna feel better
I know there's gonna
come a day

Where he's still gone and its okay
I just wanna feel good
feel alright
Feel anything but what I feel

I just wanna move on
With my life
And put the pieces back

I just wanna feel better
I just wanna feel better"

"That was beautiful Jenny" I heard someone say, I turned to find Ashley standing in the doorway of the balcony. "You wrote it" "Ya"

"Well ll it's amazing," I smiled "I know you only sing when you upset, what's wrong"

"Mason cheated on me then broke up with me" I cried.

"Well he was never good for you"

"Thanks Ashley" he just smiled and said,

"Come on let's go to bed" I nodded and fell asleep when I hit the bed.

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