Sam and Cat Lesbian


I couldn't stop thinking about her. Her beautiful blonde hair. Her awesome style. Her personality... god! What's wrong with me! I'm not Bi! I've only liked one other girl but it was obvious she didn't like me like that. Her name was Tori Vegga. She was so talented. I didn't want to think about her now. I wanted to think about Sam. She saved me from a dumpster and I offered her a bath. She accepted. Now we were living together as roommates. I'm not sure if she likes me. But I want her to like me.

It was the second day of living with Cat. I think she likes me but I'm not sure. I've seen some signs but she doesn't seem to like girls. First she offered me a bath. I accepted because...I thought she was hinting that she liked me.  The second sign was when she slept next to me after telling me she was doing it so I wouldn't get scared. She though I was scared because her sleepwalking grandma put me inside their couch. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to protect me. 


I kept thinking about the first night when I laid next to Sam. I told her it was just because I didn't want her to be scared, but really I wanted to see if she would make her move. I wanted her to tell me that she liked me. I wanted her to tell me that we'd be perfect for each other. That didn't happen though. I still have hope that she likes me.


I kept thinking about Cat. I didn't want to be just friends. She makes me so nervous! She was so sweet and caring! Maybe I should try to get rid of her Nana. That way I can tell Cat how I feel without worrying that Nana might hear. I didnt know if her Nana would kick me out. Maybe she didnt support gays! Oh my god! What if she hates me! OMG! SHIZ! What if Cat hates me! 

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Chapter 1


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