Sam and Cat Lesbian

Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine are roommates and close friends, but are they something more? Everything changes when they start to have feelings for each other.
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This book seems stupid and nasty so far. So im sone with it. Sorry its just not my style :p
ya, Cat was dating Robbie. In real life she was dating Nathan Skyes. And sam was dating freddie
I like that..keep going.
That's what she said,heheheheh EHEHEHEHHEHEHEHUEHEUEHU
I'm sowy.
Hey  can you update I mean when I first read it I was like whhattttt?????? But I still wanna read it so can you plz update plzzzzzz!!!!!
i like it, but you should think about a different name. One not so straight forward.
I come on Wattpad to find this mixed in with some Larry fics. I am way too darn curious...

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