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I am NOT your Alpha


I’m not your alpha.

Meet Cassidy:

Full Name: Cassidy Baker

Home Territory: None

Status: Rogue

Likes:  Food, Raccoons, Singing off-key, Xbox 360, Food

Dislikes: Giraffes, Vegetables, Fish, Losing, Know-it-alls, Males, being told what to do.

                The shift is one of the best parts of being a werewolf, only second to the freedom being a wolf can provide. It’s a moment of pure unadulterated ecstasy, bliss. Chills run down your spine as the tingling begins at the tips of your fingers and toes until it consumes you. Pop, release, pop, release, Muscles pull and bones crack and it’s only painful for a split second before a rushing feeling of liberation, over and over again. It’s all the more exciting when the sounds of flesh stretching and tearing away reach now sensitive popping ears. Painful? Yes, but a good kind of pain- like scratching an itch that’s been bothering you for days. And then finally, the heat surges over - spreading outwardly from the belly as the body adjusts to its new form – taking the high temperature that of an animal. Bone chilling, spine tingling bliss.

                Oh how I relish in it, the gift of the wolf form. Unlike others who resent it and view it as a curse, to me, it’s the window to a new world. Brighter colors collide with scents muted to the human nose, the humming of bee’s can be heard from far away, everything is much more- sensitive and fragile, yet alive. It’s freedom. In wolf form, I can take second seat to my animalistic nature, and become the world- not someone who treads on it. The change and the animal are both sacred to me, and no one will take them from me, not even if it kills me.

                I sifted through the moist soil with my paws, feeling it cool the padding and the fur between my toes before closing my eyes sniffing the air. All was fresh and crisp, and the scent of the fir trees and the nearby river filled my senses, along with the slightest scent of doe. There was a herd up ahead, close to where the river pools. I could feel my muscles tense in excitement, a hunt. Propelling my legs forward I ran along the trees parallel to where I knew the herd would be, when their scent was strong enough I crept forward as silently as possible. They were in a clearing just across from me on the other side of the river, grazing. I didn’t care for which deer I caught, just for the excitement of the hunt. Backing away a short distance, I took position for a running start. Yes, my intentions were to jump the river and take down whichever creature was too slow to escape me.

                My inner wolf was just excited as I was. We were one, she and I, forever in harmony. Unlike most were’s who found themselves fighting their wolves for control, my wolf and I were linked, I gave in to her and she, me. We’ve never lead each other wrong. So, when she was ready to jump the river, I knew we could make it, and I knew it was time. I dug my hind leg paws into the soil and pushed off, soaring through the air. My landing was anticipated though, as a low pitched and angry howl filled the air. My prey had fled the second I jumped, but I had no time to pursue, the howl was for me. I was being called home, more than likely for punishment. I took a running jump back to the other side, and ran home, pushing my limits as usual, before shifting back into my human form at the forests end.

                “You deliberately disobeyed me!” My uncle Rodney yelled. Uncle Rodney is a big guy, at about 6’4’’ he pretty much towers over everyone in the pack. He’s got this dark looming presence that tells nearly everyone to stand down, everyone except me. For some reason, I’m immune to his alpha command, and the older I get, the less I care about pleasing him. He’s a great guy, don’t get me wrong, he would give up his life for this pack, but he demands respect- the one thing I can’t give him.

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