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Submissions open July 15, 2024
About the Watty Awards
The Watty Awards is Wattpad’s longest-running annual event that seeks out, rewards, and uplifts the storytellers who choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year.
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Each year, we seek out, reward, and elevate the storytellers who grace Wattpad with their incredible worlds. This year, we’re on the lookout for both Completed and Ongoing* stories in English, Spanish, and Filipino. Submit your story for a chance to win a Watty Award, be recognized for your dedication, and propel yourself toward your writing dreams.

Winning entrants unlock exclusive opportunities with Wattpad and get the chance to share their stories with the entire community and beyond. Join forces with your fellow Wattpadders to achieve your writing ambitions, challenge yourself, and make this Wattys season one for the books (see what we did there?).
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For more information on this year’s eligibility requirements, awards, and how to enter, see the official Wattys Rules & Regulations.

Visit the Wattys Wattpad Profile for more information.

*Ongoing story submissions are EN only.

past Winners
Looking for some literary inspiration? Flip through the pages of past Wattys winners and read all the stories that took home a Watty Award in 2023.
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