Where writers strive

Where writers strive

You've got a story. Let the world read it.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let the 2021 Watty Awards be the chance to tell yours. Wattpad is on the hunt for completed novels across more than a dozen categories in 10 different languages. Undiscovered stories. Fresh, new voices. Fan favorites. Winning stories recieve front-of-the-line access to opportunities with Wattpad, and a chance to be read and enjoyed by the entire community and beyond. So whether your dreams are to be discovered, or just to finally finish. That. Story. This is your year. Get writing.

But you won't be writing alone. You'll be part of a community of thousands of Wattpadders around the world who also use Wattys season as their chance to meet their personal writing goals. Are you ready to write?

How To Enter

How To Enter

To participate in The Wattys 2021, writers must submit their entries through Wattpad.com starting 12:00 PM (ET) on July 7, 2021 through 11:59 PM (ET) on September 30, 2021.

Ready to write? Take a peek at the rules before hitting the ground running:

  • Each entry must be marked complete on the platform and written in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Filipino, or Indonesian;
  • The entry must be at least 50,000 words if written in English, or 40,000 if written in the other listed languages;
  • The story must be your own personal work that doesn't infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of any third party;
  • Your story must fall into one of the categories listed below;
  • Your work must not contain any identifying information of any real person, including you;
  • Entries must adhere to Wattpad's Content Guidelines, and;
  • Your story must not disparage the goodwill and business reputation of the prize provider or any of its content licensors.

For more information on this year's eligibility requirements, awards, and how to enter, see the official Wattys Rules & Regulations.

For full contest rules, please click here.

Award Categories

Stories will be considered for the following genre-specific award categories:

AwardsAwardsChickLitAt the heart of these stories are the relatable ups-and-downs of adulthood, from navigating the dating scene post-divorce to juggling workplace troubles.


AwardsAwardsFanfictionThese books are reimaginations of the worlds we love, the characters we know, and the stories we’re already obsessed with.


AwardsAwardsFantasyHeroic battles, epic journeys, and magic, oh my! Kingdoms, dynasties, ancient folklore, and mythical creatures reign supreme in this category.


AwardsAwardsHistorical FictionTravel back to a distant time and take us on a journey to the past, through twists on classic figures (a female Napoleon?) to a reincarnated Chinese empress and beyond.

Historical Fiction

AwardsAwardsHorrorThis category celebrates stories that bring all the thrills and chills, and make us question our own realities. An evil undead clown? A brilliant cannibal? A serial killer on the loose? Sign us up.


AwardsAwardsMystery & ThrillerThese stories keep readers on the edge of their seats with stories that bring out your inner detective with suspenseful plots, high stakes, and satisfying endings.

Mystery & Thriller

AwardsAwardsNew AdultAllow readers to see themselves in these stories that highlight the golden moments between the late teens and early twenties, as we’re all learning to “adult”.

New Adult

AwardsAwardsParanormalUnearth the unknown and explore what lives beyond the veil in these real-world stories about inexplicable transformation and creatures, like vampires, angels, demons, ghosts, and psychics.


AwardsAwardsRomanceThis category is for swoon-worthy storytellers who tug on our heartstrings and demand an emotional investment with a central love story, a compelling couple, and an emotionally satisfying resolution.


AwardsAwardsScience FictionAre you a forward-thinking writer with a passion for evoking a sense of wonder and unravelling new realities? This category is for you.

Science Fiction

AwardsAwardsWerewolfPack wars, lone wolves, and interspecies romance are at the forefront of this category of stories that you'll howl about.


AwardsAwardsYoung AdultThe teen experience, from coping with loss to exploring gender and young love, was made for storytelling. This category is for coming-of-age stories from all walks of life.

Young Adult


We know you're entering for the love of writing... But a juicy prize certainly does help motivate. Here's the orange carpet treatment Wattys 2021 winners will receive:

A social media kit to properly introduce your big story to the world;

Promotion on the Wattys profile on Wattpad, plus featuring opportunities across the site and app;

A Wattys Winner badge for your winning story because you deserve a humble brag;

Priority consideration by Wattpad Studios, for Wattpad Paid Stories, and for additional Wattpad Writers programs;

Guaranteed Paid Stories Program (or an equivalent program) selection for 3 winning stories;

Consideration for Wattpad Stars, our writer development program;

Consideration for a Wattpad Books publishing deal for winning stories in the Young Adult category, written in English, and;

Bragging rights because you deserve them for all your hard work.

Four extra awards will be handed out to the winning stories with the Best Characters, Most Engaging World, Biggest Twist, and Catchiest Hook!


The Wattys is thrilled to announce that we've added a brand new category for Best Cover this year! To celebrate, we've teamed up with Canva as the official category sponsor.

This award recognizes the creativity and hard work that goes into creating a showstopping story cover, and celebrates the fact that you don't need to be a pro designer to make something magical.

This year, we are honored to have an esteemed panel of judges from Canva be part of the Wattys. This panel will judge and select five winners, who will recieve the title of Best Cover for the 2021 Wattys, as well as a one year premium subscription to Canva Pro! To read more about our judging panel, click here.


Design isn't just for designers. It's for anyone with ideas to share. Canva is the visual communication platform that makes designing anything easy, for every individual and team. With thousands of professionally made templates, including Wattpad book cover templates, to get you started. You can create, customize, and share your designs in a few clicks. It's never been easier to achieve your goals. Get started on canva.com.

New year, new Wattys cover templates!

Get inspired to create your own masterpiece. Check out a new gallery of Wattys-worthy templates from Canva.

To help you get inspired, check out these resources for designing your own cover using Canva.

Wattys Milestones

Wattys open for entries

July 7th, 2021 at 12PM EST

Wattys close for judging

September 30th, 2021 at 11:59:59PM EST

Shortlisted stories announced

November 1st, 2021

Wattys winners announced

December 3rd, 2021


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