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Rescue of Love by questae_mindset
Rescue of Loveby Giuliano Riedo
An Unknown Lady An Young Man An U2 Concert 40 The rescue of an unknown lady from the middle of the audience crowd of a U2 concert at São Paulo Brazil in 2006. U2 2006...
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Georgia by Just_Imagine40
Georgiaby Ginny
John Lennon is depressed, having just moved into a new apartment in New York, he finds starting a life with Yoko is way more complicated than he thought it would be. But...
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Match Box (TWAU FanFic) by Marci_Moops
Match Box (TWAU FanFic)by Moop
The continuation of Maya Hayes (a.k.a The Little Match Girl) and Bigby Wolf after they've caught the Crooked Man. In this sequel unanswered questions are answered and re...
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The Future in My Veins by SCCourtney
The Future in My Veinsby Sarah
Ours to give, ours to take back. No more than twenty-five years. Nothing left behind. Those are the rules. No exceptions. Only, she became the exception. Just not for ve...
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Cold Visions of Future's Past by SCCourtney
Cold Visions of Future's Pastby Sarah
I don't have a description yet. Give me a week. ;)
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VERTIGO ☀️ MOPHIE [The Wattys 2017] by angcliclies
VERTIGO ☀️ MOPHIE [The Wattys 2017]by ✨
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Nova Scotia Gothic by Dragonette_Zombie
Nova Scotia Gothicby Chance
Everything that washes up on shore is already dead. You know better than to wonder why.
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Vertigo ✔️ by kennedykelis
Vertigo ✔️by 𝕜𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕕𝕪
Being with Elle is like being up in the clouds. It's like flying, only you're not on a plane. It's just you, soaring through the wind, looking down at the earth beneath...
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5+ Obat Vertigo Alami di Apotik Generik Paling Ampuh Resep Dokter K24 by azzahradesyifa
5+ Obat Vertigo Alami di Apotik desyifa azzahra
Apakah anda menderita vertigo ? Sebaiknya segera atasi dengan obat apotik berikut ini :
A Charlie Bone Musical by Princess_Toy_Nerd
A Charlie Bone Musicalby PinkRoyale101
Everyone in Charlie Bone watches "High School Musical" and they all hate it. Except for Joshua Tilpin, that is. Zac Efron finds out that all the kids hate &quo...
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Spitfire/Hospitalized AU by NutellaAndNetflix
Spitfire/Hospitalized AUby NutellaAndNetflix
Artemis has been sent to a court ordered rehab, where she meets some strange people. Robin, the kleptomaniac. Roy the boy with a narcissistic personality disorder. Megan...
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SURVIVORS' CLUB: Character Sketches by VertigoComics
SURVIVORS' CLUB: Character Sketchesby Vertigo Comics
Peel back the covers of @VertigoComics’ brand-new series, SURVIVORS’ CLUB, and meet its diverse cast of characters. This new horror comic from writers @LaurenBeukes and...
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Calling in a Favor - Lucifer & Constantine Crossover Fanfic by reemasbaid
Calling in a Favor - Lucifer & reemasbaid
In the wake of the news that his mother has broken out of Hell, Lucifer finds himself desperate & alone. He yearns for the comfort & help of those closest to him, but in...
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The Hellblazer's Son- DC Comics Male Reader Insert by Vengeance_Knight
The Hellblazer's Son- DC Comics Vengeance_Knight
Magic users have always been an isolated part of the superhero community ( for good reason), their crisis often threatening reality as a whole in ways that thighs and ca...
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New From Vertigo by VertigoComics
New From Vertigoby Vertigo Comics
Looking for some suspenseful reads to put fresh chills into your autumn? Vertigo, DC Entertainment’s creator-driven imprint, is coming to Wattpad!
Count Vertigo x Reader Inspired by Boredom. by Wolf-Flarrow-Fan
Count Vertigo x Reader Inspired Reverse Flash 4Ever
"You're like a drug to me my love" he whispered into your ear giving you chills. "Don't you have Vertigo" you stuttered out "But I love you more...
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Finding Peep by peepsdreams
Finding Peepby peepsdreams
Gus is a 19 year old boy who makes emo rap in his tiny apartment in LA. One day peep starts realizing that maybe he is a little different... and maybe, that's okay?
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Vertigo: an Olicity Fanfiction by sammy_queenoffanfic
Vertigo: an Olicity Fanfictionby sammy
What really happened when Count Vertigo kidnapped Felicity? How will it affect the way she sees Oliver, and they way he sees her?
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Back At It, A Constantine Story by PugsleyWugsley
Back At It, A Constantine Storyby PugsleyWugsley
Hey, everybody. It's been a while since I've written anything. But here's another Constantine story I cooked up. I've taken inspiration from different Hellblazer novels...
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Vertigo by XxthatbibliophilexX
Vertigoby XxthatbibliophilexX
We were beautiful. We burned bright in the deep black depths of the sea known as the rest of the world, completely oblivious to everything that surrounded us because we...
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