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******** W A R N I N G ! ××× May mga lenggwahe, karahasan at sekswal na eksena na hindi angkop sa mga batang mambabasa. Get a grip of yourself, readers! *********
Young Justice X M!Reader by Batverse
Young Justice X M!Readerby Batverse
You're the son of Sportsmaster and Huntress, brother to Artemis and Jade. The three of you were trained to be weapons but you had it worse than your sisters. Because you...
World of Disney by LivingStoneWriter
World of Disneyby Sean Livingston
A "Disney Adventure" tale centered on the world of Disney Animation. A young woman from the 1970s searches through the Disney Animated Universe via a reality/t...
Valkyrie Princess of Konoha (Sasuke Love Story) by xXChibiUchihaSoulXx
Valkyrie Princess of Konoha (Sasuk...by Jessica Gigi
This story is about a princess name Satomi she doesn't have a last name. All of her life she was rise as Valkyrie Soldier but she doesn't know that. She goes into hide u...
Tales of the Disneyverse by LivingStoneWriter
Tales of the Disneyverseby Sean Livingston
In this "mini series" that ties together the World of Disney saga, the Disneyverse experiences strange dimensional rifts that cause Disney characters to cross...
(Battletech/Doctor Who) Operation: Revival by marty-writes
(Battletech/Doctor Who) Operation:...by Martin Stenersen
*Most characters and locations in this story do not belong to me and I claim no rights to them.* The Clans, descendants of the ancient Star League, have swept through th...
Fast and Furious Fail by Chezsalna
Fast and Furious Failby chez wise
Failing a gravity slingshot around the earth, our racers slam into the planet. https://www.wattpad.com/1020790988-scifi-competitions-and-challenges-february-2021 500 wo...
Snail by pursley2000
Snailby pursley2000
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Solid by ollenite1925
Solidby ollenite1925
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Image by stanfordosowiecki57
Imageby stanfordosowiecki57
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Car by macrotus1987
Carby macrotus1987
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Mist by geyer1974
Mistby geyer1974
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Spectrum by uninked1983
Spectrumby uninked1983
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Milkshake by poppethead1911
Milkshakeby poppethead1911
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Milk by passman1925
Milkby passman1925
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Knife by diamminonitrate1927
Knifeby diamminonitrate1927
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Inside My Moonless Sphere by Saniya__SadiqAli
Inside My Moonless Sphereby Saniya__Ali✨💫
....... They met on the moonless night , loved each other despite their differences. At some times you do go wrong , you do end up being in the worst situation. Her soul...
Airport by incredulousness1951
Airportby incredulousness1951
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