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Courage -a naruto fanfiction- by fire_sky
Courage -a naruto fanfiction-by Sky Hays
{EDIT}: starting at chapter 31, the writing style and direction of this fan fiction will change. In the future I'm planning on rewriting the story as a whole, but that w...
Lost Memories (Portal 2 Fanfiction) COMPLETE! by realcakkuu
Lost Memories (Portal 2 Fanfiction...by Cakkuu
[Heads up, no ships at all uvu]At the final minutes of Wheatley's life, He had pondered over so many things.
Tales of the Disneyverse by LivingStoneWriter
Tales of the Disneyverseby Sean Livingston
In this "mini series" that ties together the World of Disney saga, the Disneyverse experiences strange dimensional rifts that cause Disney characters to cross...
Inside My Moonless Sphere by Saniya__SadiqAli
Inside My Moonless Sphereby Saniya__Ali✨💫
....... They met on the moonless night , loved each other despite their differences. At some times you do go wrong , you do end up being in the worst situation. Her soul...
Bejeweled Stars [PART 1] by aBitBookReadeCorvus
Bejeweled Stars [PART 1]by A bit stormy crow
Part 1 of my own story from my fave game Bejeweled Stars.
Utopia by jingling
Utopiaby Nobody
They say there were once billions of people who lived on this earth before the Great Rain. The murderous, toxic rain. But our ancestors saw it coming, and before the rai...
The Four Spheres: inspired by stormcause by cutmymp3
The Four Spheres: inspired by stor...by cutmymp3
Ethan shut the book. "Dad, why do I have to read this?" His dad smiled. "I know you hate it, but you should know about your past. Ethan looked at his dad...
Young Justice: Broken  by song_bird2014
Young Justice: Broken by song_bird2014
It has been a few months since the young Justice were able to stop Vandal Savage and save the Justice League. Now multiple threats face the team. They will have to divi...
Tease by kpopchoding
Teaseby andrew
SooSica One Shot SMUT Not Mine!~ Credits to the Author
White Rabbit by Soa_Soraya
White Rabbitby Soa
Seven years ago, one soul's journey through Wonderland upset the balance of power and caused an immeasurable amount of damage. The soul's name: Alice. Now Bianca, the d...
Vampire Sphere  by AbdielDelarosa2
Vampire Sphere by Abdiel Delarosa
You know the manga imma start from chapter 35
Water by agnean1971
Waterby agnean1971
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Remember by belrettore50
Rememberby belrettore50
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Fruit by unwild1928
Fruitby unwild1928
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Milk by socman1978
Milkby socman1978
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Brain by epistasy1914
Brainby epistasy1914
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Reality Sphere by DragonaughtGamez
Reality Sphereby The Masked Dragon
You wake up in a strange place and you are given challenges... Who knows what could happen?
Car-Race by polianites1990
Car-Raceby polianites1990
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