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Perhaps (Book 1) | ✔ by escapism91
Perhaps (Book 1) | ✔by Emms
"It started the first time I saw you..." * I was all alone. No one was there. No one knew that I was drowning right now. No one knew how much I was hurting. No...
Gerard Way imagines [editing, kinda] by meteezzes
Gerard Way imagines [editing, cock&ball torture
‼️PLEASE READ‼️ I do NOT write waycest or frerard, so PLEASE DO NOT add my stories to folders dedicated to them. Thank you, and please enjoy.
Perhaps... by -jxssie-
#3 Jessie
The story of General Kujou Sara and her Excellency. Kujou Sara served the Raiden Shogun herself for a very long time now. During the time, Kujou Sara has developed forbi...
Office Bladder Problems by Desi-love
Office Bladder Problemsby Destinee
When Martin has to go to a meeting, he is afraid that his small bladder will cause him to run to the bathroom every other minute. Luckily, a co-worker named Paul offers...
Perhaps Love? (On-Hold)  by spherestial
Perhaps Love? (On-Hold) by ʏᴀɴɴ🌸
Two individuals have been experienced a heart break from their previous relationship What happen if these two meet and started to have feelings to each other Could they...
Looking for Alaska by MirandaaShaw
Looking for Alaskaby Miranda
A Looking for Alaska poem
i react to ships  by haildemons
i react to ships by pup
want to give me a ship to review and stuff? comment it if youd like contains ships that id either, research on, or i already know.
PERHAPS  by isletrose
PERHAPS by Regine Gonzaga
This is my collection of poems and proses in both English and Filipino medium. Well, yea, somehow a message for someone special who is from afar. But, of course, this an...
Diary of Idle Madness, Perhaps by Nemuriss
Diary of Idle Madness, Perhapsby Jade Price
What words cannot be said are those that can be written and recorded. And what better to record than my own madness, perhaps. . .
Color by andriaarreguin19
Colorby andriaarreguin19
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Better by louhiles10
Betterby louhiles10
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Partner by guriakierkegaard23
Partnerby guriakierkegaard23
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Spring by bryonkoehler87
Springby bryonkoehler87
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Ahead by seiglercarasa53
Aheadby seiglercarasa53
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Home by ynesruggeri13
Homeby ynesruggeri13
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State by beaufortduyk40
Stateby beaufortduyk40
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With by stoufferleibniz28
Withby stoufferleibniz28
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