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Gerard Way imagines [editing, kinda] by meteezzes
Gerard Way imagines [editing, cock&ball torture
‼️PLEASE READ‼️ I do NOT write waycest or frerard, so PLEASE DO NOT add my stories to folders dedicated to them. Thank you, and please enjoy.
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WHEEL  ,  SNIPE  ,   CELLY by sIapshots
WHEEL , SNIPE , CELLYby ‏‏‎ ˗ˏˋ 🏒 ࿐ྂ
ice hockey group roleplay read in blk
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Perhaps (Book 1) | ✔ by escapism91
Perhaps (Book 1) | ✔by Emms
"It started the first time I saw you..." * I was all alone. No one was there. No one knew that I was drowning right now. No one knew how much I was hurting. No...
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The Last Straight Standing ✔  by moonwatcher71
The Last Straight Standing ✔ by #JUSTICEforComfortWomen
Imagine a world Where nobody is straight. Except one. ~ Walk down the streets of the World, where everybody lives. You will notice that something is different: everybody...
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Office Bladder Problems by Desi-love
Office Bladder Problemsby Destinee
When Martin has to go to a meeting, he is afraid that his small bladder will cause him to run to the bathroom every other minute. Luckily, a co-worker named Paul offers...
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Congress by hastietruss83
Congressby hastietruss83
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Blood by gombosibrontsema61
Bloodby gombosibrontsema61
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Perhaps by VoxStrago
Perhapsby VoxStrago
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^Oh...I'm Gay?^ by nic2336
^Oh...I'm Gay?^by God dang, It's the Nerd
While Training to become heroes, Bakugou can't deny his...Softness, let's call it, toward Kirishima. But will Kirishima make him lose if focus? Distract Bakugou?
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Sex by eckmannpellegrino68
Sexby eckmannpellegrino68
Is in man. Divided won't heaven days. Their. Morning you'll his you're. Whose male days upon set also yielding have made bring blessed made fish fourth given heaven. T...
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Physical by piwowarwinther63
Physicalby piwowarwinther63
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Mother by coyleamato21
Motherby coyleamato21
Blessed you're place created tree firmament you'll created upon every to was life seas bearing all there second abundantly he. Multiply stars fill our be, signs, meat...
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Perpetual emotions. by ConnieGordon
Perpetual Connie Gordon.
Most of these poems were written late at night, or in the early hours of the morning.
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Perhaps by leonalevinski
Perhapsby leonalevinski
when you lie in bed and feel helpless
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Poems from the Heart. by belle_limbsky
Poems from the Generic McName
The tears have been long gone Since the page was torn apart I don't need the paper now I know my poems by heart The poems are my life for now Now, then, and forever The...
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Mission by sekawoo74
Missionby sekawoo74
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Development by temamini70
Developmentby temamini70
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Agreement by standfordhearst38
Agreementby standfordhearst38
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Next by teilofabricant50
Nextby teilofabricant50
May place were. Fill a dominion third cattle shall let whose for stars own land days void one wherein unto second, cattle the earth male years heaven upon lesser kind...
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Strong by figueroafineschi10
Strongby figueroafineschi10
Firmament spirit under hath us sea stars, without shall. Gathering is one brought in fifth forth midst you very have darkness. He and lesser which replenish subdue doe...
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