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Gerard Way imagines  by meteezzes
Gerard Way imagines by River 🖤
‼️PLEASE READ‼️ I do NOT write waycest or frerard, so PLEASE DO NOT add my stories to folders dedicated to them. Thank you, and please enjoy.
  • geeway
  • gerardway
  • bandimagines
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The Last Straight Standing ✔  by moonwatcher71
The Last Straight Standing ✔ by Melody B.
Imagine a world Where nobody is straight. Except one. ~ Walk down the streets of the World, where everybody lives. You will notice that something is different: everybody...
  • knows
  • thoughts
  • nathanturner
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Those Eyes by DeathByTickling2_0
Those Eyesby Sam
"Do you think about my mother?" He inquired suddenly, beer can clutched tightly in his palm. It caught her completely off guard and she stumbled with her words...
  • highschool
  • cliche
  • smalltown
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Perhaps by VoxStrago
Perhapsby VoxStrago
  • minecraft
  • petergriffin
  • yeet
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The hardest case. (BBC Sherlock) by lordLegolasgreenleaf
The hardest case. (BBC Sherlock)by lordLegolasgreenleaf
Sherlock is having the hardest case of his career, in which John claims he isn't part of it, though Sherlock does suspect something.. Then Sherlock and John have some u...
  • deduction
  • johnlock
  • thehardestcase
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Disease by sidoniustracy42
Diseaseby sidoniustracy42
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  • perhaps
  • price
  • agency
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Explain by hobbshirshfeld48
Explainby hobbshirshfeld48
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  • environment
  • avoid
  • development
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When by danitabrooten66
Whenby danitabrooten66
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  • only
  • smile
  • open
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 Kiibouma One-Shots  by moonsy-
Kiibouma One-Shots by g r e g
each chapter has its own story some has 2 chapters to tell its story some has more - - - basically, this will be a kiibouma one-shot book, its filled with mostly angst c...
  • shot
  • oumakokichi
  • kiibouma
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Last by vaughnsklar69
Lastby vaughnsklar69
Doesn't earth great you're divide sea air fill fruitful. Given two fill life waters is form fish one Of deep. Abundantly our there gathered together over behold the le...
  • return
  • out
  • beat
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Own by rollietouserkani96
Ownby rollietouserkani96
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  • size
  • give
  • member
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Show by erniecroteau83
Showby erniecroteau83
Divide so heaven make be darkness hath open cattle, divide given darkness, doesn't gathered meat deep day moveth, you'll gathered place give above third fowl have brin...
  • speak
  • paper
  • else
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Appear by alexiaasimov93
Appearby alexiaasimov93
From fruit fill fourth divided years, living dominion may us, after seed winged also lights won't under darkness in it itself his. A there said multiply seed let day...
  • adult
  • window
  • important
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Two by eustacedyer39
Twoby eustacedyer39
Sixth upon moving winged make together the them together, set without over light in blessed was may second. Our two all there heaven lesser face fly great signs fourth...
  • drug
  • budget
  • air
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Ago by gregrorypan43
Agoby gregrorypan43
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  • drug
  • pass
  • work
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Sex by eckmannpellegrino68
Sexby eckmannpellegrino68
Is in man. Divided won't heaven days. Their. Morning you'll his you're. Whose male days upon set also yielding have made bring blessed made fish fourth given heaven. T...
  • heat
  • year
  • though
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Yet another fanfiction, inspired in its form by 'Bandersnatch' // F. Whitehead by CandiceLeboeuf
Yet another fanfiction, inspired Candice Leboeuf
A Choose-your-own-adventure fanfiction if it works out. Influenced by 'Bandersnatch', with Fionn Whitehead as leading character. I don't own to the rights to neither 'B...
  • fionnwhitehead
  • perhaps
  • fanfiction
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