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- 𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑛 - by Hysteircal
- 𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑛 -by “SɪᴘsTᴇᴀ”
Plot: African Union/AU was great friends with EU, UN, NATO, ASEAN. But his disappearance caused EU, UN, NATO and ASEAN forget about him-the African and Arab countries we...
[ON HOLD/HIATUS] 2011 the year libya lost its glory as the richest and most prosperous country in africa. ruin by the obama administration and the west. the single liby...
لأميرة أميليا  by Farhat_official_1
لأميرة أميليا by فـرحـات الـمـسـمـاري
رواية خرافية لكن فيها عبرة عن واقعنا ليبي 🇱🇾
تعليم اللهجة الليبيه by shada2001
تعليم اللهجة الليبيهby shada2001
كتاب سأجمع فيه المصطلحات الليبيه ومعانيها باللغه العربيه وأتمنى من اصدقاء الواتباد ان يستفيدوا منه
Us (Boyxboy) by snow_spears
Us (Boyxboy)by Snow Spears
This is a story about two boys, one named Jake and the other named Derek. It follows them on a journey through meeting, crushing, loving and lusting. Showcasing not just...
صقر قورينا by Farhat_official_1
صقر قوريناby فـرحـات الـمـسـمـاري
رواية تحكي قصة في ليبيا وهيا سرقة خيرات ليبيا للخارج 💔😢
Shot in the dark by A_MERY
Shot in the darkby Merry
It is on a calm and seemingly ordinary night that Amine Disreali witnesses an extrodinary event: the entrance of an extragalactic meteorite into the atmosphere of Earth...
Water Under my Feet by SigbjornLjung
Water Under my Feetby SigbjornLjung
Due to Dad's job, 11-year-old Prim has to spend a month in Libya. With nothing to do in this strange country, Prim just wants to go home. Everything changes when two orp...
Egypt: The Land Of Pyramids, Mummies, Mysteries, And Much More by tripnstay
Egypt: The Land Of Pyramids, TripnStay
Egypt: The Land Of Pyramids, Mummies, Mysteries, And Much More: Surrounded by Gaza Strip, Israel, Libya, and Sudan; Egypt is spread over 1 million square kilometers and...
SLAVE QUEEN by KhadijaAbdulrahman31
SLAVE QUEENby Khadija Abdulrahman
The story is all about a nice family that lived in kano years ago and moved to another state in Nigeria. little did they know that the place they settled to live, on the...
Back Again. by no_arah
Back Nawar
in which Ellie always finds something to be confused about, and Mittens keeps asking for cat food, surprisingly everything ends up working out for Ellie. what happens wh...
The gypse, fenic fox and me by Antfoost
The gypse, fenic fox and meby Antfoost
This story will be badly written. please don't read if you are going to be a jerk about my writing. This story is something I did in grade seven and wanted to finish it...