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Lovely love story Lauren Cimorelli and Tanner Zagniro love story by Laurencimfanfics
Lovely love story Lauren Mikiah_Cimorelli
Tanner and Lauren meet I the 5th grade tanner had a major crush on her and she was his first cheek kiss they little kid dated in the summer after 5th grade but they brok...
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Miss Lanner's Home For Peculiar Children {A roleplay} by 123ihatepeopleABC
Miss Lanner's Home For Peculiar Grumpy Adeline
Me= *points at @-_potato-astronaut_-* She made me do it! Kassie= This was your idea! (Info inside)
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Legacies of Olympus One Shots by Prongs2
Legacies of Olympus One Shotsby Mara4life
The fighters from both wars settle down and start lives with each other. Now it is time for the next generation of demigods. This is a book of their adventures and commo...
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