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Kim Kardashian: #BreakTheGame (COMPLETE) by kfxinfinity
Kim Kardashian: #BreakTheGame (COM...by kfan
~The sequel to Kim Kardashian: Trapped In Her Own Game~ Zayn Malik has disappeared and Taylor Swift suspects Kim is to blame. When more celebrity boys begin to disappear...
  • beyonce
  • onedirection
  • breakthegame
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That Bitch - A memoir by Zoey by Prettyzoeyy
That Bitch - A memoir by Zoeyby Prettyzoeyy
a memoir except I'm not dead yet
  • comedy
  • drama
  • kaison
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ၾကင္နာသူရဲ႕ခ်စ္ကမာၻငယ္  by Kkhitthtet
ၾကင္နာသူရဲ႕ခ်စ္ကမာၻငယ္ by K Khitt Htet
Chou Tzuyu Minatozaki sana Minatozaki Sena
  • satzu
  • twice
  • myanmar
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You'll Be Mine | Vkook by JestemLukowicz
You'll Be Mine | Vkookby Łukowicz!
Jungkook to chłopak mocno zamknięty w sobie. Brak znajomych, gnębienia w szkole mocno go oddalają do otwarcia się dla ludzi. Taehyung to młody chłopak, jednak o silnym p...
  • bts
  • jhope
  • rapmonster
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Escape the Game by duffffy
Escape the Gameby duffffy
It's amazing, everything I've ever wanted, it's just so... Perfect. So perfect, it's almost.. Fake. --- This is a story about Kim Kardashian Hollywood, when a virtual p...
  • jenner
  • kim
  • kardashian
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Journey to the A-List (KKH) by confuesed
Journey to the A-List (KKH)by confuesed
This is my journey to the A-List on the game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Hope you like it!
  • humor
  • kimkardashian
  • alist
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#The WestBrooks: India's World by KKGIndiaWestbrook
#The WestBrooks: India's Worldby India Westbrooks
Watch Me as I face Life Challenges, Have Parties, Get into Drama, and Have a fun time in #The WestBrooks: India's World.
  • kkg
  • kkh
  • life
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Half // Taekook Fanfiction by KilluaKookieHyung
Half // Taekook Fanfictionby Taekookie Hyung
"Do you know how hard it is to be born with two souls in one body?" Demon!Taehyung x Angel!Jungkook Started on:2/22/19 Ended on:
  • kkh
  • angelsanddemons
  • taekook
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