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Violent Kiss (TaeKai) by renmustdie
Violent Kiss (TaeKai)by ren
Creatures like them shouldn't feel something other than anger and hate. Coz they were made from the darkness. Made by the darkness and made for the darkness. So somethin...
  • taemin
  • kaitae
  • kai
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Kpop Shipping Imagines by Lillyjay
Kpop Shipping Imaginesby Lilly Jay
A secondary version of my first book, Kpop Bias Imagines My first book was about different one shots between you and a certain idol, whereas this one is aimed at our shi...
  • kray
  • hunhan
  • kaisoo
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Kfandom smuts by MyloHyren
Kfandom smutsby MyloHyren
Basically just a bunch of random smut to do with EXO/BTS/GOT7 (I'm going to add NCT,BLACKPINK,MONSTA X, and any others later) Please request anything you want written...
  • chanbaek
  • boyxboy
  • supernatural
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Different (Vampire x Mortal Love Story) [Taekai] by nicefor890
Different (Vampire x Mortal Love S...by OnlyPictureOfMe
Taemin was always the quiet one at school. He is known for being the punching bag at school. No one seems to care about the poor kid. He is just a tool to higher people...
  • jongin
  • taekai
  • 2min
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Love unraveled || 2MIN + many more ships by DebbyRios3
Love unraveled || 2MIN + many more...by KpopAnimeTrash
Lee Taemin is a shy innocent looking boy with a crush on the school's biggest Jock, Choi Minho. This will be a story about people who will start to meet for the first ti...
  • shinee
  • exo
  • kaisoo
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FAMOUS ; exo au  by serendipitybbh
FAMOUS ; exo au by c
"shit, we're famous!" - in which nine teenagers connect online through their favourite kpop group and decide to make a youtube channel together.
  • sebaek
  • chen
  • minseok
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Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU] by KpopDaydreams
Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU]by 🐻8812🐧
Kyungsoo leads one of Seoul's most feared gangs. However, he keeps his gang pretty lowkey at the same time. Considering they still attend school and only a select few kn...
  • 2jae
  • kpop
  • gangau
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Age is just a number || 2min by taemed_in
Age is just a number || 2minby SHINee5
Taemin is a fanboy of 9 years older Minho. That didn't matter until Taemin got a chance to meet him in person. Warning: Age gap
  • key
  • exo
  • jongin
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the truth untold // yeonbin by cyeonjvn
the truth untold // yeonbinby cyeonjvn
"i'm sorry, i didn't tell you sooner. but the truth is still the truth. saying it wouldn't change anything." this is an instagram au but there will also be a s...
  • txtships
  • namjin
  • taehyung
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Full of Whys | Beomgyu by Kimnchee
Full of Whys | Beomgyuby yeonbin's auntie
"All these whys in my head, only you can answer." ____________________ A soulless body, barely surviving, still finding his answer, but onl...
  • love
  • complicated
  • yeonbin
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If We're Meant Together by kyungsooo12rea
If We're Meant Togetherby riagalaxy2
Perjodohan adalah sesuatu yang amat ditentang seandainya tiada cinta antara satu sama lain.Tapi,bagaimana saat perjodohan itu harus diterima .... 'TANPA PAKSAAN TAP...
  • taekai
  • mature
  • chansoo
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Ugly Twins by exoordiee
Ugly Twinsby n☄
"Aptal!Yanlış ikize itiraf ettin.'' Taemin ve Kai benzer yüzlerle ikizlerdi ama tamamen farklı hayatları vardı. Kai'nin sahip olmadığı şeylere Taemin sahipti. Ar...
  • kaihun
  • angst
  • sekai
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One Kiss (TXT YeonBin) by TheLivingMemeLix
One Kiss (TXT YeonBin)by ChizuChishi
What will happen when Yeonjun will start having feelings for his best friend's boyfriend, Choi Soobin after their accidental kiss during Taehyun's birthday party??
  • yeongyu
  • bxb
  • beomjun
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Protector by Nikki_Chambers
Protectorby Linae Chambers
Lee Jinki, the school's top student who everyone wants to date cuz he's an idol. Kim Jonghyun, the school's most popular boy. Kim Kibum, the school's easiest target. Cho...
  • onkey
  • onew
  • choiminho
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The Donna by Queen_soffia
The Donnaby Queen_soffia
Baekhyun thought that he was out of the mafia business, when he singed his divorce papers with his ex-husband. Well he thought wrong, because when your in the mafia your...
  • sebaek
  • suho
  • chanbaek
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A G A I N ° yeonbin  by chansberrie
A G A I N ° yeonbin by STAYTXTZEN
they want to start over again. ⚠️ lots of angst ⚠️ mature scenes ⚠️ grammatical mistakes
  • yeongyu
  • bxb
  • choisoobin
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Unstoppable | Безспирни (TaeKai) by hotaru_no_hikari
Unstoppable | Безспирни (TaeKai)by んノズム尺ノ
История за двама души, чиито съдби биват преплетени много по-рано, отколкото самите те биха си представили. Една опасна любов, която би погубила твърде много хора, за да...
  • lgbt
  • jongkey
  • taekai
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Punch Drunk Love (Jongkey/2MIN) by foonew
Punch Drunk Love (Jongkey/2MIN)by V & F
"I slightly steal a glance at you, you slightly narrow the distance between us. You hook me in and dig into my heart." The events prior to and after the Intern...
  • shinee
  • key
  • jonghyun
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no regrets 。taekai   。 by keiimino
no regrets 。taekai 。by ʕ•̫͡•ʔ beka ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
taemin should have never been sneaking around exo's changing room, neither should've jongin just barged in that bathroom without knocking, they should never have establi...
  • key
  • chen
  • minho
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Cheated [kaisoo oneshot] by SHINeeloveu
Cheated [kaisoo oneshot]by SHINeeloveu
  • kaisoo
  • 2min
  • taekai
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