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pleasing a storm || an sbi family by sleepyboisincinc
pleasing a storm || an sbi familyby percy
cover art by snapp_art on twitter! go leave a follow, i will know if you dont : ) tommy henley is a storm. he's angry and aggressive, and loud and mean. that is, on the...
The Sleepy Bois by techn0p1g
The Sleepy Boisby techn0p1g
just some family headcanons of philza, techno, wilbur, and tommy. if you have suggestions, just write them pls. if I want to, I'll make a new story for it. I'm not a wim...
You're Not Helping (Technoblade shit) by iirxsesucksatwriting
You're Not Helping (Technoblade Rose Doesn’t Care
In which a certain pink haired senior struggles with suicidal thoughts and bullying. - Everyone knew that Technoblade was strong. TW: This story contains eating disorde...
peter parker phone calls  [Discontinued] by letmedie4good
peter parker phone calls [ a muffin-
peter gets phone calls in class, and have to answer them in speaker, but what happens then? Each story will be different, unless I said so :)
Mcyt angst by pumpkin770770
Mcyt angstby pumpkin770770
Mcyt angst one shots :) -Tommy -tubbo -schlatt -ranboo -Wilbur -techno -Phil
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Angsty Mcyt Oneshots  by Blackcrow836
Angsty Mcyt Oneshots by Black crow
>angst oneshots >I will take request on this book, but I may not do them all >I am not the original author of this book so I do not claim the first couple wr...
"We will make it" [A Sleepy bois inc fanfic] by handfulofpinecones
"We will make it" [A Sleepy bois Pine!
One minute it was just the 5 of them playing around in their house. The other, there's death, blood, pain. all in the blink of an eye. How are they going to survive? &qu...
Упрямство-часть моего сердца. by pineapple_xxx
Упрямство-часть моего сердца.by Asya Steele
-Мне от тебя ничего не нужно!!!-зашипела я на Егора.-Просто не лезь в мою жизнь и все! -Отвали а...Все равно я тебя провожу до дома.-засмеялся парень. #16-BLACKSTAR #6-B...
Loving Miss Independent by ClairJane89
Loving Miss Independentby ClaireJane
"I can't. . . I just hate the feeling of when I am not in control of something it makes me feel weak and vunerable. And you. . . a dominant man you need a woman at...
Sleepyboisinc Oneshots  by SleepyBoisInc_
Sleepyboisinc Oneshots by “Welcome, Theseus.”
These are just random writings that were swallowing up my mind. So yeah! Some of the writings might be angst or fluff, but i'll have no clue. So if it is... SURPRISE...
[FULL] - Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incest by typevie
[FULL] - Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incestby typevie
Bộ truyện này thuộc loại Incest, ai không thích, không thể chấp nhận vui lòng back nha, đừng cmt thiếu văn hoa, truyện post do sở thích của cá nhân xin mọi người tôn trọ...
𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒏...Bugs writes stories on our beloveds for you to hoard and read, and do whatever you want with :) Dedicated to @minx-supremacy and @simpingrice Requests open...
The Incorporated Life by XxWolfLord95xX
The Incorporated Lifeby Brandon Wright
(Sequel to The University Life.) It has been ten years, Since Sam, Sulley, and Mike were expelled and began working at Monsters Inc. Sam and Sulley have been happily mar...
☁︎︎Together, forever?☁︎︎ by SleepyBoisInc_
☁︎︎Together, forever?☁︎︎by “Welcome, Theseus.”
Tommy leaned back and to that a overwhelming sensation of falling filled the blonde. He closed his eyes only seeing darkness as he fell and the compass gripped tight in...
Be My Princess (Fanfiction): A Forgotten Memory by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (Fanfiction): A Laura Brown
Linda has lived in Nobel Michel ever since she could remember. On her eighteenth birthday, she stumbles upon Prince Edward next to a local flower shop, who invites her t...
-=SBI One-Shots=- by Accio_Hufflepuff
-=SBI One-Shots=-by Accio_Hufflepuff
just a handful of oneshots of your favorite sleepy bois <3
Relinquish Justice by Lemoei
Relinquish Justiceby 🌺JΣMPIΣ🌺
"George!" The brunet inhaled sharply as he spun around to face the blond. The rain pounded down on the duo, drenching them, the street lights doing their best...
The Monarch: An Emperor x Reader (SLOW UPDATES) by ICEGIRL7507
The Monarch: An Emperor x Reader ( 氷の戦士プリンセス7507
A 17-year-old from Calamari County, rural y/n comes to the big city of Inkopolis to live her fullest life, rank up and meet new people-especially the intimidating and sl...
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Summer in Altaria by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Laura Brown
Katerina Lieben has a past like no other. She's the Princess of Dres Van, the Princess who ran away from home five years ago. For the past five years, she's known as Ka...
Каннибал || Даниззка by LINAJESS1
Каннибал || Даниззкаby Дегенерат
- Они меня преследуют, - шёпотом сказала школьница, будто боясь, что эти самые монстры услышат её слова. - Дурочка. Все чудовища у тебя в голове, здесь никого нет. - П...