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The Incorporated Life by XxWolfLord95xX
The Incorporated Lifeby Brandon Wright
(Sequel to The University Life.) It has been ten years, Since Sam, Sulley, and Mike were expelled and began working at Monsters Inc. Sam and Sulley have been happily mar...
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[FULL] - Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incest by typevie
[FULL] - Cấm Kỵ Chi Luyến - Incestby typevie
Bộ truyện này thuộc loại Incest, ai không thích, không thể chấp nhận vui lòng back nha, đừng cmt thiếu văn hoa, truyện post do sở thích của cá nhân xin mọi người tôn trọ...
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Be My Princess (FanFiction): Summer in Altaria by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (FanFiction): Laura Brown
Katerina Lieben has a past like no other. She's the Princess of Dres Van, the Princess who ran away from home five years ago. For the past five years, she's known as Ka...
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Упрямство-часть моего сердца. by pineapple_xxx
Упрямство-часть моего сердца.by Asya Steele
-Мне от тебя ничего не нужно!!!-зашипела я на Егора.-Просто не лезь в мою жизнь и все! -Отвали а...Все равно я тебя провожу до дома.-засмеялся парень. #16-BLACKSTAR #6-B...
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Iglesia Ni Cristo: Covering up a weak leader? by EnormousWritter
Iglesia Ni Cristo: Covering up a Peter John
The gravest sin a Christian can commit is speaking against the Holy Ghost. The Lord Jesus Christ said it is unpardonable! MATTHEW 12:32 And whosoever speaketh a word a...
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Be My Princess (Fanfiction) by dreamslovetruth
Be My Princess (Fanfiction)by Laura Brown
This is a fanfiction based on the international dating game of Voltage Inc., Be My Princess. Lady Linda lost her mother, Lady Sophia, when she was just eight years old...
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Pastel by OliviaLovesSnow
Pastelby ❄️TheSnowGirl❄️
Sullivan looked over the crowd, positive his message was finally hitting home. "Though the old, instinctive, and long held tradition of fearing humans may still be...
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Mr.Birlem J.B by iconicbirlemx
Mr.Birlem J.Bby Ivy☁️
Joey Birlem the most richest man you will ever meet. Madison Wilkinson the most nicest person you will ever meet. How do you think it will go if she gets a job at Birlem...
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Stories Inc. by Pixar_Company
Stories Pixar Company
¡Primer concurso literario de la editorial! ¿Estás listo para demostrar qué tan bueno eres escribiendo? ¿Te siente los suficientemente seguro de poder ganar en la batall...
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Mei Story-Eisuke Ichinomiya by SheiraMegumi
Mei Story-Eisuke Ichinomiyaby Sheira Megumi (Uzumaki)
Mei had found than is pregnant.She decided to tell Eisuke than gonna have a baby.When she went back at hotel had saw Eisuke and her sister together.She decided to follow...
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Novis.Inc by SPQR09
Novis.Incby SPQR09
An SCP inspired with a concept but no actual SCPs Completely original done by me SPQR
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Industrial Molding Parts by hankingmould
Industrial Molding Partsby hankingmould
Industrial hanking moulding parts are referred to the plastic parts of industrial products, hanking mould preferred to think of it as non-consumer products.
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Be My Princess: Keith with a twist by Vermouth01
Be My Princess: Keith with a twistby Vermouth01
Minerva Vineyard is the daughter of a high-ranked nobleman and noblewoman of Liberty. She was a very famous lawyer and the top lawyer of all the 6 nations combined. When...
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Old Friends *Katelyn x Original Charecter* by Allins_INC
Old Friends *Katelyn x Original Allins_INC
A friend that knew Katelyn before she attended Phoenix Drop High gets a job on Love~Love Paradise at the same time that Aphmau and the gang shows up. Zoey knew Katelyn...
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Indian Cricket Team Imagines by A_Solivagant
Indian Cricket Team Imaginesby A_Solivagant
The titles says it all - almost An imagines book containing the players of the indian cricket team. Requests are open!!! Updates mostly (99%) on the basis of requests. #...
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Monster Inc WhatsApp by country1932__Nazi
Monster Inc WhatsAppby El Nazi 7u7
Sully un día aburrido decide hacer un grupo de WhatsApp sucederan varias cosas en el grupo (puras pendejadas :v ALV) Espero y les guste :3
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Каннибал || Даниззка by LINAJESS1
Каннибал || Даниззкаby Дегенерат
- Они меня преследуют, - шёпотом сказала школьница, будто боясь, что эти самые монстры услышат её слова. - Дурочка. Все чудовища у тебя в голове, здесь никого нет. - П...
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Our story-Eisuke Ichinomiya  by SheiraMegumi
Our story-Eisuke Ichinomiya by Sheira Megumi (Uzumaki)
This story is about our principal character Ellen.She falls in love with a handsome vampire.She is going in the same highschool as him.Someday she notice than he is dife...
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Mike Wazouski Chan~ by CarlosyShanikwa152
Mike Wazouski Chan~by CarlosyShanikwa
"Mike chan" Sulley whispered in my ear. My green body flushed into a shade of crimson. What was he doing to me? He grabs my hand... ~~~*~~~~~~~~~~ Emma Yam wa...
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Young And On The Run(Changes Being Made) by Thuggie0814
Young And On The Run(Changes LuNaxxTati
Poppy Run Out of the 16 years that I've been struggling to live. That is the word I'm most familiar with. It's all I ever do. Luke Kill Out o...
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