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Book 1: The Magicians by levgrossman
Book 1: The Magiciansby Lev Grossman
Like everyone else, precocious high school senior Quentin Coldwater assumes that magic isn't real -- until he finds himself admitted to a very secretive and exclusive co...
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A Pirate's Life For Me (A Jack Sparrow Love Story) ▶ by Jade_The_Pirate
A Pirate's Life For Me (A Jack JadeTheWriter
Maria Kingslay is a girl on the hunt for the truth. The truth about everything. About everything that's happened. But maybe she'll find more than the truth. Like, friend...
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What You Want Most || A Pirates of the Caribbean Love Story by bringmethehuntsmxn
What You Want Most || A Pirates 🥀⚔️
Helena wants more to her life than being a lady. She wants adventure. One day, in Port Royal, Captain Jack Sparrow catches her eye. He whisks her away to the adventure s...
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Unloved boy e.d.   by Indigo_Dolan
Unloved boy e.d. by Indigo.dolan
Y'all gonna laugh y'all asses off , but it's also pretty cute 😄 Vista high's new popular girl Mary meets nerdy boy Ethan Dolan while he's getting bullied. He falls for...
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Scribbler by greenwriter
Scribblerby Janelle Ruiz
There is a reason why a mysterious, handsome man and a crazy, little girl suddenly appears in Helaena's doorsteps: she needs to stay alive. She is told she is the only o...
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What's really lost by senpaicalinchan
What's really lostby senpaicalinchan
"She has all of you, and I'll only have a piece of you." The compass is gone, the only memento Steve has of Peggy, and probably Natasha lost Steve's trust as w...
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Compass by Im_Chogistuck
Compassby -ˏˋ 卢纳 ˎˊ-
Everyone is born with a compass on their wrist in which the needle points in the direction of their soulmate. When they find their soulmate, the compass is replaced with...
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Lifeblood by leave-her-a-tome
Lifebloodby Eris Wright
It closed the distance between them with slow, deliberate steps. Mary let out an involuntary whimper. She wished she hadn't fled. Mary squeezed her eyes shut, desperatel...
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Into The Woods by JMR1998
Into The Woodsby JMR
The ninja are lost in the woods. They must try to find each other, then find their way back home. While they're working on teamwork, a new evil is working its way into N...
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It Points Back to You - An Emery Kelly Story by fiymremery
It Points Back to You - An Emery 😂💛🤙🏼 Z 🌙🤗😻
•book one in the "It Points Back To You" series• "hit by the waves caught in a shipwreck i'm breaking for you i may be lost but my heart's the compass it...
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age of adventure by snowshadewolf14
age of adventureby snow shade wolf 14
in a world where all traces of organized society has stopped existing. a girl named Eliy who grew up in a remote island is pulled away from her life by a crew of apocaly...
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Admit by woottenmclaren46
Admitby woottenmclaren46
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Population by herringvalois66
Populationby herringvalois66
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-The Golden Compass RP- by gfcfhhgmhfcmgxmf
-The Golden Compass RP-by hgchtfghd
ROLE PLAY NOW OPEN Make your Dæmon's profile and your Character's Profile all in one book!! Remember to leave comments and read all my books
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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Elephant by weenty1967
Elephantby weenty1967
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Fire by pockpit1915
Fireby pockpit1915
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Children of the Compass by imhjandcwasoc
Children of the Compassby Marzipan and Misri
A story about 4 people with one unexpected connection. This story has everything: fantasy, magic, suspense, love, royalty
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Bible by korrigum1996
Bibleby korrigum1996
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Stomach by worthfulness1951
Stomachby worthfulness1951
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