Must Check Out:
~Dark at Midnight
~I Need A Super Heart

-Dark at Midnight
-The Doll
-The Blue Moon Hotel
-Punish and Punished


I'm 17.

My real name is Dayana Arroyo. My name autocorrects to Database and people pronounce my last name like Oreo.

I love writing, it's like my second life! Literally!

My favorite subjects are: WEREWOLF, VAMPIRES, ROMANCE, ACTION, MYSTERY, PARANORMAL. (and mostly everything as long as its amazingly good)

I JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS! But I give some a chance :D

I only fan if 
1.) I love your story/book
2.) Your one of my friends
3.) Your awesome to talk to
4.) You fanned me

I adore huskies!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a pup right now and he's so cute! His name is Blake and he's a mix chihuahua.

I have light brown eyes and dark brown hair going to die it Little Mermaid red one of these days!

If you want to know more Fan, Sent me a Message, or don't hesitate to post below!

Peps! I have another account that I might transfer some stories to go fan my other account please! Thanks :) @xXbuNNyZOMXx

High School :3 and Life Sucks :P
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To Never Wake Up

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Description: Living in the real world is boring; you're told what to do, where to go, what to eat, who to be. It's normal and boring and She just wanted to escape it all. How is it possible to do that in this world? By dreaming. Conjuring worlds, making out with...

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Dance to Silence

Dance to Silence

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Ash, known as Red in her pack, found her mate. But, he belongs to the a Nightmare pack. The Nightmare pa...

The Blue Moon Hotel [REWRITING]

The Blue Moon Hotel [REWRITING]

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[NAMES WILL BE CHANGED] "Rozie, you not making sense. Werewolves? You know they don't exist" Day is...

The Doll

The Doll

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Rose thought she was a awesome and beautiful doll when she first saw it. But that's not even the half of...

I Need A Super Heart

I Need A Super Heart

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Dyann was one of the five survivors of the school's "accidental" bombing, and out of those five survived...

Ladies and Gentlemen prepare your reading needs. I might start up writing again and posting~ 

Here is the game plan:

Edit and start up the sequel for The Blue Moon Hotel

Start up writing Got Fangs

New stories~ 

(Mostly the new stories I'm working on one as you read)

Also I would like for you to  comment somewhere and tell me what works you want me to continue and what you would like to read from me :D