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Must Check Out:
~Dark at Midnight
~I Need A Super Heart

-Dark at Midnight
-The Doll
-The Blue Moon Hotel
-Punish and Punished

Coming Out:
-Ride in Ryder (Second Book of Dark at Midnight)
-"Room Service!" (Second Book of The Blue Moon Hotel)
-Got Fangs?

On Hold:
-Shadows Whispers
-Are You Creative?


I'm 15, yesh i know i'm young ;D.

My real name is Dayana Arroyo

I love writing, it's like my second life! Literally!

I make covers, if you want one just PM me

My favorite subjects are: WEREWOLF, VAMPIRES, ROMANCE, ACTION, MYSTERY, PARANORMAL. (and mostly everything as long as its amazingly good)

I JUDGE BOOKS BY THEIR COVERS! But I give some a chance :D

I only fan if 
1.) I love your story/book
2.) Your one of my friends
3.) Your awesome to talk to
4.) You fanned me

I adore huskies!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a pup right now and he's so cute! His name is Blake and he's a mix chihuahua.

I have light brown eyes and dark brown red hair (died! Originally dark brown) going to die it Little Mermaid red later on!

If you want to know more Fan, Sent me a Message, or don't hesitate to post bellow!

Peps! I have another account that I might transfer some stories to go fan my other account please! Thanks :) @xXbuNNyZOMXx

Oh and I'm CO writing with @LePuppetMaster on another account go fan that one too! :D @PuppetTheBunny

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High School :3 and Life Sucks :P


Dance to Silence

Dance to Silence

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Nov 16, 2013
Ash, known as Red in her pack, found her mate. But, he belongs to the a Nightmare pack. The Nightmare pack is the pack who almost killed her entire pack a few years ago, ... read more
62 reads votes 4 comments 2
Only Half

Only Half

7 parts / 16 pages, updated Aug 23, 2013PG-13
What's worse? Waking up and not knowing who you are or almost being eaten by zombies? How bout both! I wake up not knowing a single thing with a sharp pain in my head and my arm... read more
168 reads votes 20 comments 2


6 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 23, 2013PG-13
In the land of Aaa is all full of princes, princess, creatures, and two humans. Lets just focus on the main people; Finn and Fiona the Humans, Prince ... read more
5,009 reads votes 64 comments 51
Simply Imagine It

Simply Imagine It

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 27, 2013
Boyle Brothers Short Stories Stories by me (follow me on twitter @xxdarkbunnyxx) Imagines by Frances (follow her on twitter @frances4sanchez).
348 reads votes 10 comments 3
I Need A Super Heart

I Need A Super Heart

11 parts / 25 pages, updated Jun 20, 2013PG-13
Dyann was one of the five survivors of the school's "accidental" bombing, and out of those five survived one of her best friends Damien. She, along with oth... read more
1,524 reads votes 16 comments 20
Ride in Ryder ~*BOOK TWO*~

Ride in Ryder ~*BOOK TWO*~

1 page, updated Apr 27, 2013PG-13
!SEQUEL TO DARK AT MIDNIGHT! !COMING OUT SOON! What do you do when the love of your life was taken away from you AGAIN? What about on top of that she got b... read more
23 reads votes 3 comments 2
Dark at Midnight ~*BOOK ONE*~

Dark at Midnight ~*BOOK ONE*~

15 parts / 56 pages, updated Apr 27, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
What would you do when you wake up on your birthday to find your parents gone? Midnight didn't know how to react. Men came for her and she listened to her... read more
1,045 reads votes 33 comments 20
In The Heart

In The Heart

2 parts / 1 page, updated Apr 17, 2013
Poems Duhh
22 reads votes 3 comments 0
All In Day's Head

All In Day's Head

18 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 08, 2013PGCompleted
Poems by Dayana Arroyo. These are just some poem about how I feel, what's going in my head, and maybe assignments my English teachers give me.
280 reads votes 9 comments 7
The Blue Moon Hotel [REWRITING]

The Blue Moon Hotel [REWRITING]

14 parts / 20 pages, updated Dec 07, 2012PG-13
[NAMES WILL BE CHANGED] "Rozie, you not making sense. Werewolves? You know they don't exist" Day is a werewolf, but she doesn't know it. She ha... read more
4,251 reads votes 65 comments 25
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