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Hey, my name is Bella. No, I was not named after that emotionless chick from Twilight (No offense to Twilight fans). Here are some random facts about me:

1. I laugh at the worst times. 
2. Math and I are forever enemies.
3. I'm straight as a pole but I love you even if you're gay.
4. I would LOVE to have a best gay friend. No such luck because where I live, everybody's a homophobic motherfuc-
5. I'm not here to judge. I don't care if you're Black, White, Asian, Latino, Pink, Green, Orange, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgendered,  I accept you. 
6. If it's not obvious yet, I don't like Twilight. I used to be a fan for about a month but after I saw how whiney Bella is and how poorly Stephanie Meyer writes, I started to not like the series anymore. 
7. Loves Harry Potter (Like billions of other people. Don't like it? You can suck it.)
8. I love to insult people (that's not nice).
9. I'm not really a nice person.
10. I HAVE to say 'Suck it' or 'fucktard' when I get mad at someone. 
11. I have a potty mouth. 
12. Sarcasm is my natural defense against stupidity. 
13. I like bad boys. 
14. I'm single as a pringle.
15.My favorite color is black.
16. I have an OCD with odd numbers (everything in my world has to be odd. I had 3 computers and three lamps. See what I mean by OCD? I can't help it.)
17. Dogs scare me. 
18. I'm fourteen and I DON'T really care for 1D.
19. My favorite genre of music is rock/metal. I love Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine, and Sleeping with Sirens.

Andddd I'm done.

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I know exactly how bad Alice is struggling. I have two friends who are anorexic. It hurts that they think they have to starve themselves all the time.

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