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Currently writing: Tutoring Mr. Millionaire
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Completed: Childhood Lovers, Past Lovers, and Leather Kisses.
Things everyone should know about me -
1. I used to like to read more than write, but that has changed now. Why live in somebody else's world when I can live in my own?
2. I love everything from the past - music, fashion, and lifestyle. Anything from the 20's to the 80's
3. There are two things I cannot stand in this world - domestic abuse and cutting (I'm a big supporter of TWLOHA)
4. I write to escape.
5. When I don't write for a long time, I get really cranky and cooky.
6. I can be very insecure but also very confident.
7. After I finish school, I wish to travel the world and write about what I see.
8. I leave my Wattpad page open on my browser, so if I don't respond, I promise I'm not ignoring you.
9. I'm a sweetheart to everyone, except the people who do wrong against me. Then, you don't want to mess with me.
10. Music is my everything.

Geology question: Name three types of rock -- classic rock, punk rock, hard rock.

"From the outside, a guy can seem perfect, in looks, in reputation, in personality. From the outside, a girl can seem happily content with her studious life and her perfect boyfriend. From the outside, a relationship can seem flawless and problem-free. It’s not until you step inside, peel off the outer layer, turn the next page, that you see the other side of the story. If I have learned one thing from this detrimental relationship, it’s that nothing is as it seems. Everything and everyone has another side, another layer, another face, and another story." - Riley Jenner in "Leather Kisses."

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The Heartbreak Memoirs

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Description: Every day I was sad, I wrote to you. Until I forgot about you. *** A heart-wrenching story about love that captures the inner conflict of the human mind. Heartbroken Effy tries to reflect on the past in order to understand the present. Her mind rac...

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Tutoring Mr. Millionaire

Tutoring Mr. Millionaire

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“You may be cute now,” he murmured from behind me, pressing his soft lips against my ear. I could feel h...

Childhood Lovers

Childhood Lovers

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Hayden and Chase were best friends up to the age of seven. Then, Chase moved away to California. The sum...

Past Lovers

Past Lovers

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Three years ago, Chase Levine lost the everything. Three years ago, Chase Levine made the biggest mistak...



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All of the stories I have either given up on or put on hold.

To be honest, I might even have enough ready to post now of the new story I'm starting.
      I'm kind of on a roll.
      It's raw as hell. i don't know if people will read and quite honestly I don't care. I'm writing it for myself. 
      And to be honest, I like the style. It's very Jack Keuroc, F Scott Fitzgerald styled. 
      Does that make sense at all? 
      Whatever. Anyway, I like it and I'm going to post it.
hey guys!
      im glad its summer; i have plenty time to write until June 1st!! I'm also gonna be writing alot in July and August. Hopefully, for the month of June, I'll have enough written that I have two or three chapters just ready to go.
      I'm working on TMM but honestly, my hearts not in it right now. I just had a really bad breakup. Yes I know that sounds stupid, but my heart is broken and writing has been really helping me through it. 
      I've been writing for that. I don't know what I'm writing, but the first chapter should be up in a week. I know you guys are all waiting for TMM and I promise as soon as I can actually be a normal human (and not constantly numb or having crying outbursts) I will get to it.
      Right now, I need some writing therapy. But it should be interesting, I think I like with what I'm thinking of and I hope you'll all read it. 
      You'll be seeing an update coming from me very soon.