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Three years ago, Chase Levine lost the everything. Three years ago, Chase Levine made the biggest mistake of his life. Three years ago, Chase and Hayden Levine filed for divorce. As a struggling, heartbroken writer, Chase turns to alcohol, and lives in shame. He spends every night at the same bar, waiting for the woman he loves to appear. She never does, but Chase doesn't give up. He refuses to give up until she's back in his arms again. He roams New York City, searching for her, knowing that she could be right around the corner. That sliver of hope keeps him going, because he knows, one day, they will meet again...only then will he be able to re-write the history they created so long ago. Sequel to Childhood Lovers
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Omg.. The description and the music video.. I can feel it already ☺ I didn't even start the book yet lol
Damn she rude lol but it was funny but sad :( I feel for him I was like that once
Omg whtt i thought their story ended already but i am down !! Poor chase i just hope they find thier way back to each othe soo sad
This was an amazing start. I can't believe I'm your fan, but haven't read this one! Shame on me..
I loved your first story and the second one is amazing, but I'm very eager to read the next chapter.You left us all hanging
I loved chiold hod lovers and I know I will love this one to never stop riting you are the beast

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