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About me well... hmmm... I'm like Elizabeth Jones in our story since we wanted the characters to be as realistic as possible. (the boys are just part of our... wild imagination) We've also been wondering how we'd react to certain things and situations together.>< Other than that we just wanted to write for the fun of it.>< Hope you guys enjoy our story!!!!!! Okay my friends demanded i come back... I like singing too, playing guitar too, I read a lot... And i love ALL my boyfriends... not that i ever had any real ones :)

Artemis here! Soooo.... I love hanging around with my friends and I love listening to music. I love to write, read, and play my guitar. I am frolicsome and frisky but I can be a pugnacious girl if I want to. Nonetheless, I'm  friendly and super crazy, so idk, people say they wanna die when they're with me cause I really do crazy stuffs. So, I still guess we can be friends.  <3

(Is it my turn?) Oh... um... Hello =) I'm Angel in our story. So about me? I like to draw, play sports, sing, read books, and like Artemis I like playing my guitar. I love hanging with my crazy friends too =D I am easygoing and optimistic. Many people say that I look innocent and timid, but boy were they wrong, haha lol. Anyway, I'm as crazy as Artemis and Liz, and the next person to say something about herself  isn't any less crazy XD So... hope you guys check our story out and tell us what you think! Enjoy reading ><

Random things about us:
>Lizzie and Angel met in middle school, then they met Claire freshmen year, then we all crossed paths during sophomore year
>We all play guitar
>Our voices wonderfully blend with each other.
>We love sight-seeing.
>In College, we are
>We read BOOKS
>Angel's height is super classified
>Claire has the nicest front
>Lizzie's chest loves gravity
>Artemis kills guys with her stare
>Claire now has a boyfriend
>We're shipping Liz and Angel's brother 
>We're now miles away from each other, except Liz and Angel.


A Little thing Called Magic

A Little thing Called Magic

29 parts / 149 pages, updated Feb 01, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
You know how it's very hard to meet the perfect guy for you? Well, what if a magic ring existed as the solution? Angel, Elizabeth, Artemis, and Claire found a m... read more
118,632 reads votes 1,777 comments 534

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Ansel Elgort is not that cute to be August. hahaha. Actually, no one is worthy to be the model of our characters. But don't mind the cast. lol...
A Little thing Called Magic

@ElizabethRodriguez67 Pardon me! Now I know why. Hahaha. :)
A Little thing Called Magic

@ElizabethRodriguez67 what? I don't understand.
A Little thing Called Magic

@lexirose98 it's already uploaded! :)))))))))))
A Little thing Called Magic

@Izuru205 @CharishBayog nice one guys ;)
A Little thing Called Magic