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Hey my name is Tamika, well to you guys.
I guess I love to read, sing, dance (I'm in my own dance group and we compete in competitions, we have won some and loss some), skiing, snowboarding and I take martial arts. I love anything to do with the outdoors cause I am quite sportive.

Top favourite books on wattpad (In no particular order):
-A Pirates Kiss
-The kissing booth
-My Benefactor
-She's one of the Boys & She's on the hunt.
-Nice pants...Can I test the zipper? (Don't be fooled by the name... it's nothing bad)
-Hell has a name-The Seven sons of Skeda (No longer available on wattpad but it was awesome)
-Shh...Secret Princess
-My Vampire Love
-He was cool
-I tempted him with a Kiss
-A mistaken kiss

                                                    Top favourite Books/Series                           
-The vampire diaries series         -The chicagoland vampires series        -The house of night series 
-Kissed by an angel                     -The body finder                          -Harry Potter Series
-Hush Hush series                       -Fallen series

                                        Top favourite movies/Shows 
-The Vampire Diaries                   -Titanic                        -Thor
-The losers                         -A walk to remember          -Knight and Day
-Pirates of the caribbean                    -Pride and Prejudice

                                 Favourite songs/artists:
-Animal -Neon Trees                          -Adele                 -Linkin Park
-Evanescence                          -Green day            -Nickelback
-Avril Lavigne                          -Maroon Five          -Christina Aguilera
-All time low                             -The fray

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Animal Lust
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Coming Home
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Well...Not Anymore.
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To Find Oneself (Book Two of IFHLS)
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i did. lol
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I just realised that the 1st letter oc the boys name's matchea with the deadly sin that they kinda represent. lol
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I loved it! you are such a good writer and im hoping to read more from you.
The Alpha's Sunshine.

*than her. sry.
The Alpha's Sunshine.

lol. She tired him out. He's a werewolf and should have more energy and stamina than him. lol
The Alpha's Sunshine.

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