Status: hiyaaaa :) xx if you got any books/ stories anytime to recommend don't hesitate cause i'm prepared to read it (1 year ago)


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Heyy peaps! :) my name's Tracy, I'm 18 xD damn I'm old -.- well lets just sayy omgggg omgg I LOVE reading people's stories it is one of the best things i love doing since everyone has their unique way of writing and it just gets meh into all sorts of mood from happy, sad, angry, heartbroken for the characters waaa it drives meh insane (in a good way of course :D) haha and i tend to commend on them too although these past few month been slacking off since slow phone takes ages to upload my comment and then it end up not sending the message :\ so sad but ill beh sure to do my best in commenting :)
i also love writing but haven't uploaded any cause others seem to have better stories than me. anyways im gonna have to up load ma stories soon enough i guess... so lolz if i do upload them up i would really appreciate it if you would read them and tell me what you think :)

and alsoo thank you to everyone who is following meh :) xx ill do my best to upload a story for u guys > < can't really beh positive if i do since i have been so busy with hw since its my last year woooooooo :) xx but ill beh sure to read ur stories since u guys are awesome and everyone's books are greatt :) xx so ill beh sure to check it out :) xx
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Pleassssseeee you just can't end it like that :/ itssss an amazinggggg book u needa updateeee it moreee moreee chapterssss
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omgg this is goood :D i can't wait to read more :D
Life In Paris (on hold)