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Description: WHAT NOT TO DO IF YOU'RE SOPHIA DAVIS: 1. Serenade a guy you barely know with a Spice Girl's song for a dare. 2. Speak too much of your kiwi boobs. 3. Think "I bet he's secretly farting" is an acceptable response when a guy's eyes are piercing in...

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"I just want you to know that my red lipstick isn't for you tonight/ Swaying in the permanent darkness a...

The first THREE re-written chapters of Something Like Fate have been published! Check them out if you have time and let me know your thoughts! I appreciate any feedback from you guys :)
      I started Something Like Fate about three of years ago and slowly built a loyal readership. The was no plan or direction for the story, I wrote it along the way, and there were some personal issues that caused me to lose interest in it: my grandmother passed away and I took my grief out on my characters. I decided to write a quick ending as a way to be able to put it to rest. However, the love I did have for characters always stayed with me and I felt deeply dissatisfied with both the writing quality and story direction. I wanted to prove to myself that I could write a book I felt truly proud of, though, my previous one has been showed a lot of appreciation by you lovely readers. So, I have decided to re-write this story. I will happily admit that I'm just trying. You deserve the best story I can possibly write and I will do my best to deliver that. I'd look back at the first version and feel irritation and I just want to produce work of a standard that both you and I can be content with.  
      To my old readers, it will have all the same characters, just a somewhat different story (still that serenade scene, though!). There shall be major changes, however, I can only try to reassure you that there will still be that humour and wit present that you enjoyed. Please do not dismiss the changes, to both the characters and story, as I promise it all has a purpose, and I only ask that you be respectful should you feel strongly about the progression of the book. I know you love Something Like Fate and I hope you will continue to love it on a slightly different journey with Sophia - I want to be able to hopefully meet and exceed the expectations you have when it comes to it. 
      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do let me know your thoughts. Any words of wisdom or comment I appreciate. 
      Thank you :)
Something Like Fate is back in the rankings? I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT NUMBER OR HOW LONG FOR COS YAY! I love, love, love the amount of love and support it still gets, so THANK YOU <3