I'm awkward. I'm loud. I know all the words to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Basically, I'm Miss Chanandler Bong. 

I'm an innuendos fan almost as much as I like Cesc Fàbregas, the famous footballer. His ball-handling skills are crap though. *snigger* 

Sheldon Cooper is a legend. 'Nuff said. 

I'm like Mia Thermopolis minus the whole princess thing. 

I saw One Direction filming their music video twice. I made eye contact with Harry Styles for like a second (be jealous girls and guys!) and I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight for him. 

I find that people who use stereotypes lack imagination. That's why some of my readers tell me that my stories mess with their emotions because they don't go the way you expect. I'm mean like that.

'Something Like Fate' is being edited with major changes occurring. 

Have a nice day <3 

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Description: Sophia Davis makes sure boys don't get more than their hopes up, and Drew Harries soon feels like a third wheel with her love of food. It's not love, it's just something like fate.


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I just started reading your book Something Like Fate (I'm up to the 4th chapter right now) and all I can say is its actually so great. Like I've laughed (out loud might I add) about 3 times already which is rare. This book is hilarious and it's totally true! the thing that made me have to comment was the bebo thing. All I can say is that you are an amazing author (probably one of my favorites here on wattpad) I love this well done :)

@166bsg I'm getting really tired of people taking it upon themselves to see the character views as those of the author: I have no agenda, I didn't set out to influence individuals opinions about these topics. These are the views of my characters, it reflects their personality and is not a personal vendetta against those commented upon. It's not like Sophia wished him ill, she has a view on him and she's made it known. How did I insult his supporters? By that same regard then I shouldn't comment on Justin Bieber, who also has a large fanbase, just in case people take it as a personal attack. What about the George Osborne joke, huh? My audience also have very different views on slut-shaming, homosexuality, rape, sex and other controversial topics tackled in this books, should I not write about anything just because others think differently?

And I've studied politics. I have discussions with friends about both politics and pop culture, they're not that different and actually come together most of the time in conversation. These people are in the public eye, it doesn't shield them away from criticism or support in any medium. Just saying.

@Annastasia_hall I never said you disliked my book or that you offended me, I was merely just stating that if you prefer to read stuff without political commentary then you might want to skip this. As I've said, I see nothing wrong with characters having assertions or opinions about politics, and if there can be pop culture references then there can be political ones as well.

Firstly, this is a fictional book. Readers have to be aware that not everything reflects the writers personal opinion or experience, or more so go on to speculate which parts are written from a personal place. Not everything has an agenda. 

Secondly, a character sometimes has a certain view to establish themselves from others or for the purpose of the story. Should she have no stance whatsoever when it comes to political leanings, even if her character has a strong interest in political & social issues? No-one is being biased. It is my book, I can write whatever I deem acceptable for the characters.

If you don't like it now then you might want to stop reading since her opinions are heavily present throughout.