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Something Like Fate

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Description: Sophia Davis makes sure boys don't get more than their hopes up, and Drew Harries soon feels like a third wheel with her love of food. It's not love, it's just something like fate.


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I seem to have randomly stumbled upon your profile, and I simply cannot leave without complimenting the use of Hermione's picture in conjuncture with your fabulous username. <3

I never once stated that people weren't allowed to have a differing view nor did I argue back with you in my response to your intial post. I welcome all opinions and interpretations and it can be expected that as the author I will voice mine as well. I appreciate you apologising and hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

Um, if she doesn't want him to pay then that's okay. It's not "too feminist", just like it's fine if you let a guy pay. She wasn't comfortable with him paying for whatever reason and she let him know, if he had such an issue with it, or any of her other characteristics, he should have said instead of continuing to date her.  Her paying for herself didn't do no harm to him either, at least she was upfront.