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Hi. I'm Danielle. I'm just like any ordinary teenager. Here's more about me:
Name: Danielle Joy C. Say
Nickname: Elle
Age: 13
Birthday: May 12, 2000
Outside qualities: Coffee brown hair, coffee brown eyes, pale yellowish skin
Inside qualities: I'm a comedian and people say I'm smart, sometimes I feel like a nerd
Likes: Winx Club, My Melody, volleyball, Alyssa Valdez, Ateneo Lady Eagles, Fox Filipno movies
Dislikes: Seafood ( Especially shrimp), dogs, math
Favorite food: Pasta, pizza, ice cream
Hatest food: Shrimp, eggplant and EGG.
Favorite shop: Toy Kingdom, National Book Store, Gift Factory, Happy Lemon
Religion: Christian
People I admire: my family, Alyssa Valdez, Dennise Lazaro
Favorite color: Black, blue and white
Hobbies: Computer, TV, reading, writing
Ambitions ( Future plans, goals ): I will be a famous author
Dreams: I want to study in Ateneo De Manila University or University of Santo Thomas
Family: Daddy, Mommy, Sister and ME!
Favorite books: Sweet Valley, Goddess Girls, Sweet Dreams, Dork Diaries, BIBLE! :)
Favorite animals: Bunnies, horses and baby bears.
Favorite activity: Writing, reading
Best Friends: The Ribbonettes, a club my sister formed.
Things I have achieved in life: I've won a drawing contest in kinder 2 and I'm studying in star section which is only for the smarter students.
Favorite singer: Victoria Justice
Favorite actress: Ariana Grande
Dreams: To be able to write a zillion books when I'm thirty years old.
Wishes: I would like to end world hunger! And for my family to be safe forever!
My Favorite Thing about Myself: I like my eyes.
My Hatest Thing about Myself: I'm too naughty.
Plans for the Future: I want to be successful and RICH!
Favorite Drink: Softdrinks, maybe.
About my Family: Daddy- He's very funny and he's hardworking.
                                Mommy- She's caring and smart.
                                Sister: She's sweet and a great designer.
Pls. read my books! Bye! :) Luv u!!

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