Hello all creepers and stalkers alike!!  


Soooooooooooooooooooo things abt me: I'm 16 yrs old. 

Single.( it's most unwise to fall in live with me you'll go through hell) but if u still want to well than thank you for giving me a chance

my favorite colors are: black, red, white, blue and purple.

My favorite animal is wolf. 

My birthday is in the summer. 

things i hate: fakers, haters, justin beiber,government, self-centered people,etc

I draw, it is my passon. I write, it is my life. I have obsessions with: Oreos, apple juice( don't ask), Chinese food, horror movies, anime and cosplay( it's so wsome). 

I'm totally AWSOME. I play guitar( though I hav yet to buy one), I play piano and I sing(just a lil).

 I BLEED MUSIC: BFMV, evanescence, kilswitch engage,slipknot, likin park, paramore, breaking Benjamin, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria, kiss, metalica,blessthefall, eyes set to kill, creed, escape the fate, falling in reverse, weak of wanting, a day to remember, etc TOO MANY 2 NAME!
 I hang out mostly with gays and bi's( they are the best people in the world and ninjas too).

 I write a lot of poetry( like a lot!) if you fan me I'll fan u( unless I forget.) If you fan me you will be my BFFLAD- best friend for life and death. Bye bye! 

(Adding insult to injury my bf wrote this prof for me. I'm not the whole hyperactive,screaming little girl this makes me out to be.But the contents are true.  I'm very quiet and I don't talk very much but I'd still appreciate if someone wants to chat....soooo yea. thank you..bye)

(='.'=) me likey this bunnyyy......His name is atomic bunnyy!!!!!! :0 

❒ Single
❒ Taken 
✔ Mentally dating a character that isn't real
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