purpleyhan /pǝr-pǝl-yän/ : also known as Ann/Yhan, is a 20-year old pirate and demigod who loves to read and write. She considers herself as either Athena's daughter or Artemis' huntress. She's addicted to anime and manga, especially to One Piece. She also loves to sketch, cosplay and collect caps and anime stuff.

fb: Ann Lee
twitter: purpleyhan
instagram: annified_

“Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”  - E.L. Doctorow

“If I do not write to empty my mind, I go mad.” - George Byron

Edited and full versions, untold stories and other novels can be read here: http://purpleyhanstories.yolasite.com

k i n g d o m  u n i v e r s i t y  s e r i e s :
(teenfic, humor)
   ☑ Campus Royalties
   ☑ The Arrogant Prince
   ☐ Crowned Princess
   ☐ MRL

k i n g d o m  u n i v e r s i t y  s p i n o f f s :
(teen fiction, humor)
   ☑ Love Tutorial

o v e r  s e r i e s :
(teen fiction, drama)
   ☑ Getting Over You
   ☐ SNO
   ☐ OTH

e r i t y i a n  t r i b e s  s e r i e s :
(scifi, action, mystery, fantasy)
   ☑ Tantei High
   ☐ Seventh Sense
   ☐ Oh My Ice Goddess
   ☐ TSOS

e r i t y i a n  t r i b e s  n o v e l l a s :
(scifi, action, mystery, fantasy)
   ☐ Truce

s ta n d  a l o n e  s t o r i e s :
   ☑ 7th Unit (teenfic, humor)
   ☑ A Ride to Love (teenfic, humor)
   ☑ Engagement Trouble (romance, humor)
   ☑ Hidden (mystery, short story)
   ☐ Guardians (fantasy, adventure, action)
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Oh My Ice Goddess

Social data: 2M reads. 57.4K votes. 8.4K comments.

Description: Erityian Tribes Series #3 || Cover the world with frost and action.

#3 in Action

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68.1K 2.9K 680

Erityian Tribes Novella || Tantei High after story (short sequel).

#9 in Action
Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense

973K 32.4K 5K

Erityian Tribes Series #2 || A story of forbidden love and friendship (Tantei High prequel).

#1 in Mystery / Thriller
Tantei High

Tantei High

13.2M 221K 45.8K

Erityian Tribes Series #1 || Not your ordinary detective story.

#3 in Mystery / Thriller
Campus Royalties (Published)

Campus Royalties (Published)

13.5M 97.6K 16.1K

Kingdom University Series #1 || Royalties in the 21st century? At sa campus pa? What is the meaning of t...

#118 in Teen Fiction
KyuttXD posted a message to purpleyhan
Hii Po Ate!!!Matagal Ko Na Po Hinahanap Ung Story Nyo...Ung Campus Royalties Po....Now I've Found It,,Grabe Tuwang Tuwa Po Ako........... <3
LUXUSJADE posted a message to purpleyhan
HEEEEELLOOOOO!! good day ate! :D i'm patiently waiting for your update xa seventh sense ^__^ tyaka xa oh my goddess! :Di so love love love your stories :*