“Watch TV or something." That's what the note says.
                   So I say to myself, fine. But I think I'll do the "or something" part.” 


♤ Megan
♤ 19
♤ Dreamer of all things impossible
♤ A writer at heart
♤ Reads more than she should
♤ Addicted to coffee
♤ Writes about things she has no clue about
♤ Sings horribly off-key
♤ Has an unrealistic view on life
♤ Too optimistic for her own good
♤ Has a soft spot for puppies
♤ Spends all of her time watching tv shows
♤ And loves each of her fans with everything she has ♥

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Kissing Prince Charming

Social data: 633K reads. 16.8K votes. 6.9K comments.

Description: ❝What would you do to find your Prince Charming?❞ Everyone knows your first kiss is supposed to be the most exciting thing in your life. For Grace Carter it just so happened to take place in a janitors closet with a boy she doesn't even know. N...

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The Suicide Call (Coming soon)

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Saying Goodbye

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Megan is currently taking a shot at high fantasy. Which means excuse me while I pull my hair out from all the stress of creating my own world, my own language, my own religions, my own history, my own kingdoms, my own creatures, my own plot, my own characters, my own everything. 

The problem is that there is too much freedom when creating your own world. It's yours to sculpt and with that comes a great deal of responsibility. But I would LOVE to share my idea with someone who is into those kind of stories!(:
JML2000 posted a message to Nickymb
Heyy was just wondering if you were going to be updating "Everything Hes Not" Anytime soon? its an amazing book and I love it but the waiting has been killing me. lol no pressure though I know what its like to be busy
When you slowly start to care about someone and it drives you insane. Like, Jesus, help me. I really don't want to go through this because it's quite an unpleasant feeling.  It's full of second guessing yourself  and over thinking and every little stressful thing you wish you didn't have to deal with and therefore I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Zalwaa posted a message to Nickymb
Megan, u r an amazing writer!! Gosh I love all ur book!!! Flipping hell, ur books drive me crazy ( in a good way xP )