“Watch TV or something." That's what the note says.
So I say to myself, fine. But I think I'll do the "or something" part.”


♤ Megan
♤ 20
♤ Dreamer of all things impossible
♤ A writer at heart
♤ Reads more than she should
♤ Addicted to coffee
♤ Writes about things she has no clue about
♤ Sings horribly off-key
♤ Has an unrealistic view on life
♤ Too optimistic for her own good
♤ Has a soft spot for puppies
♤ Spends all of her time watching tv shows
♤ And loves each of her fans with everything she has ♥

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@xxLastSummerxx my one and only love in life. Pretty much my everything ♥
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Almost Lover

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Description: Jo Banks doesn't believe in coincidences. She also doesn't believe in fate, second chances, or that everything happens for a reason. She simply believes in facts and so far they haven't failed her. So when a boy ends up crashing into her life, maki...

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pbandpickles posted a message to Nickymb
Hey I tried to click on the link of the story that has been stolen from you and it's a dead end. I hope this means that the person had deleted the story from their account... I'm sure if this is the case then you are aware or other people have already made you aware, but I just wanted to say I'm proud that you stood up for yourself on this site. It's really inspiring to see someone standing for what they believe in despite the threats and opinions of others. - xoxo Lindsey
I've been a writer of Wattpad for five years now. I've read hundreds of stories and have written quite literally so many more.
      Lately I've been MIA for family reasons and haven't had the chance to be on here.  But from every person I've met and to all the lovely people ive had the chance to talk to, know what kind of persom I am. 
      I'm not spitful. I'm not mean. I don't go out of my way to be rude to people. I come here to write,  to make friends, and let people enjoy my works. 
      But recently I've been called names from a peraon who doesn't know me because I claimed she stole my story. Her defense is that she has written 15+ stories so why steal mine? Apparently she came up with the same title as my story, the same cover as my story, the same concept of my story, and so forth all on her own. 
      Guys. I don't want to be nasty. I didn't get this far for being childish.  But,  I also didn't get this way from being stupid. I know what I read, what I saw, and what I know. 
      She wants me to delete my message. I think it is only FAIR that I let all my readers and followers know what happened. It's a book you all read and like and enjoy. It's just as much your right to know as mine. 
      I'm not asking you guys to be nasty either.  Fire don't beat fire. But I love and work SO HARD for my stories that it hurts for this to happen. 
      Apparently,  she's making herself the victim and that's fine. I'm not going to feed into it. But I dont like people calling me ignorant.  
      So I'm sorry for this guys.
dolcechoro posted a message to Nickymb
MEGAAAAN, i saw a story name the suicide call - just like yours - which has the same cover and everything and i went sort of mad since well, plagarism, just wanted to inform you, here is the link, and it is up to you if you consider it as a copy of your works and report it, or let it continue:
      Hope you are fine, miss you and wondering why you are MIA? Also, do you have another place where i can contact you like and ask.fm?