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i love to listen to music and draw, i can play violin and slight piano... i will probably be the most strangest person that u will ever com across,but i am an amazing friend and will stand up for the people i care that i think about a loyal dog...hum...never thought of it like that. im not ur normal girl, i like heavy metal, screamo(i wish i knew how too tho that would be kewl...:( ) and im obsessed with assassin's creed! yeah buddy! im a good artist i have a deviant art, deltaforce99 if u wanna look at it but i havn't put anything up o it that i have done lately,there all from when i was in sixth grade and the summer i got out of fifth grade...uhh, i play violin as you already know, i would like to play electric violin though...someone stole my i-pod in school...i was pissed but then i turned sad....ommm. one thing i like BATMAN!!! 'cuz he's a badass....and i don't like superman...anyone can shoot lazes from there eye's,pick up thing's that weigh more then them by a thousand,and fly around in tights a cape and a's easy really! but batman lookes like a boss in tights, a cape and a speedo. they don't look stupid on him (no offence to the superman lovers but batman will forever reign Superior even without super powers) AND THERE BLACK, GRAY AND YELLO, THE COLORS MATCH PPL UNLIKE SUPERMAN. sorry fangirl not one for pop and i ut-most utterly dislike ONE DIRECTION! i have developed an eye twitch because of them and will not forgive there music makes no sense to me and there like 19-22 and they look like 16 year old's!buuutt yeah! i have nothing else to say....BII ALL MY DEAR BATMAN LOVER'S AND BVB LOVER'S!!!!LOVE U LOT'S!!!!!!


Love on strings and a bow (Ashley purdy love story)

Love on strings and a bow (Ashley purdy love story)

5 parts / 6 pages, updated May 16, 2012PG-13
Young leo has never been allowed outside, since the freak accident with a scientist named Dr.cratly she is not allowed out. The only thin... read more
591 reads votes 2 comments 5
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like a boss.

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So cute! :D