92% of girls would cry if Edward Cullen was at the top of a tall building about to jump. Post this onyoyr page if you're one of the 8% who would be eating popcorn and yelling "Do a flip you sparkly Bastard!!!!!!"

92% of girls would be dead if Justin Beiber decided breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your page if you're one of the 8% who would be cracking up laughing.
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The Pain of Beauty (A Naruto FanFiction)

Social data: 51K reads. 1K votes. 334 comments.

Description: Haunted. that's what she was. Haunted with the past and the memories of her old clan. Now she must adjust to the life style in a new village that Her sensei picked out for them. Put on team 7 with an idiot, arrogant jerk, and a fan girl make her lif...

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Child of Blood (A Naruto FanFiction)

Child of Blood (A Naruto FanFiction)

1.7K 59 23

"I am wrong. I shouldn't be. Yet I am. I am a Nightmare, yet a beauty. I am Ketsueki."

Broken (A Naruto Fanfic)

Broken (A Naruto Fanfic)

9.2K 213 62

Amaya is the one thing that everyone calls a Freak. She has The ears,eyes, and tail of a panther but tha...