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Jonathan (on hold)

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Description: An indian named Helushka gets captured and tormented by the white man. As he plans for an escape he meets a girl named Luna. Will she help him escape, or will he end up taking her back to his land? ~Amazing cover by ForeverAwesome1997~

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The Hot Guy is Back (On Hold)

The Hot Guy is Back (On Hold)

39.7K 477 148

Jenny's life is finally in place. Alex and her are still in love and are raising their little girl Saman...

Kidnapped by the Hot Guy (editing)

Kidnapped by the Hot Guy (editing)

160K 1.3K 347

ok, theres a new guy that comes to school and is immediatly interested in Jenny. in his mind, they are s...

mate of a werewolf?? you have to be kidding! (on hold)

mate of a werewolf?? you have to be kidding! (on hold)

18.1K 226 49

Werewolves and vampires have made themselves known to humans. Lucy is your average teen and has been tau...

Blue (on hold)

Blue (on hold)

1.7K 58 8

a genetically made creature that is mixed of human, snake, and lizard escaped his glass cage of a lab fi...

Hey everyone,  sorry that I haven't been uploaded any of my stories yet. Things have been really stressful and haven't been going as planned. I will try to update as soon as I'm able. Thank you for all your comments and votes :)
I'm sorry for not being able to update on my books lately. Things have been getting really busy and a little stressful. When things start to die down a bit, I will start posting more. Hopefully it will happen soon. Thank you all for your support and i'm always open to ideas for any of my books. :)