I'm MadMaster, or Allyson you can chose! :) I'm nineteen years young. I love to read and write, music, and meeting new people. I hope you'll enjoy my work. I am a music freak. I am really friendly so leave me comments and messages! I do read them, and I like to read what you guys place my stories under.I'm a clutz, I set my own hand on fire while making Mac N Cheese. I write romance and supernatural. I am a sucker for Fairy Tales, and love dark spins on them. I like a bit of everything: Anime to reality showes, Gothic to Prep, One Direction to Black Veil Brides, and Frankenstein to Hannibal Lector.  Just to let everyone know if they know of a good American Horror Story or The Blacklist FanFiction plz message me. Those are my favorite TV shows at the moment. Freak Show (Aka Season 4) will be awesome and Season two of the Blacklist just started so :D. I am a sucker for the psychotic villain type. 1.The Joker 2. Raymond Reddington 3.Tate Langdon 4. Oliver Thredson 5. Not so crazy Kit Walker but I still <3 him 

I made a Facebook page for all my readers to follow get insight on my progress with each story.


The Supernatural Neighborhood Series
        The Werewolf Next Door
        The Vampire at the End of the Street
ect.... ;)

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The Werewolf Next Door

The Werewolf Next Door

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The Vampire at the End of the Street

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Rosalie Moore isn’t a trouble maker or a person that gives into pier pressure. So, why is she breaking...

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I am rewriting this. I wrote this when I was a freshman and now seeing it again I am just revamping.

Rosalie focused on her classes until noon. She went into the lunch room and got in line for the gross wannabe healthy food Mrs. Obama is forcing on the poor children of America. She picked the c...
@WishMeLycan I am racist for criticism against the Obamas? I did not once mention their daughters or heck their dog. I disagree with how he is running things and I ate the horrible lunches that Michelle made apart of the school system. I have my opinions as do you. I  am sure they are nice people but their decisions, in my eyes, are bad.
ladyduck57 posted a message to MadMaster
Ok I'm confused is there more than 9 chapters to the vampire at the end of the street ? I love the story and I would love to read it and keep up on it. Please let me know!! It has a awesome story line and it has a good strong story!!