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I posted the very first story I ever wrote on Wattpad. So that makes the following tidbit really cool.

I'm repp'ed by Foundry Literary and Media agency http://www.foundrymedia.com
and in AU & NZ by Book Harvest Literary www.bookharvest.com.au/‎ (Cool right? A Wattpader getting agents!)

I LOVE dogs! I know what you're thinking-- writers are supposed to like cats. Personally I don't trust cats, they're way too smart for me.

Possibly the most random thing I do is collect clocks. A whole wall in my house is covered in them.

My favorite number is 3. (that's a thing right? Knowing people's favorite numbers) 

My favorite bug is a bumble bee and I even pet them. (That's right, I said it. I pet bees!)

I'm married to the world's most wonderful man. Who happens to be a rock star! His band is very popular in my Province (it's like a State but with more land and less people, and it's in Canada). ( http://towersandtreesmusic.com/ ) #win 

I also TWEET stuff https://twitter.com/RebeccaSky
And facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TheRealRSky
Let's be picture friends http://instagram.com/therebeccasky


The #Wattpad4 (my BFF's)= http://blog.wattpad.com/meet-the-wattpad4/

We do a read/review/share contest the first weekend of every month, and host a weekly twitter party. 
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Thanks for stopping by. xoxo -R

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“And the painfully shy yet stunningly beautiful is my Japanese import, Machiko.” 
THE CHEATERS CLUB : Finn's story: Five.

@musicismylife3196 and thanks for having my back hun. Sometimes I don't perceive something I write the way others do. So confusion is sure to follow.

“And the painfully shy yet stunningly beautiful is my Japanese import, Machiko.” 
THE CHEATERS CLUB : Finn's story: Five.

@suannaxoxo no worries hun. I never took your questions that way. There's been some heat on this story because some people felt my description of the plane girls hair was rude/racist so I've changed it. But I think the sensitivity is still lingering. Which is understandable. It's good to ask when you're not sure. Better than jumping to conclusions or ignoring it altogether! You did the right thing. xoxo


I reread through trying to think about what was written from other people's point of view and not my own. And I can see how you could take it the wrong way. I don't want to offend anyone so I've taken out the word fro altogether and added in other descriptors. I'm sorry it wasn't my intention to offend anyone.


@lovethyjolly. I honestly was thinking of my own hair as it's like wire. And I was thinking that any strangers hair whether straight, curly, cramped, whatever would make Me gag if it went in my mouth. I'm not trying to create anything to bring down fros. I love them I wish my own was bigger. The truth is normally people with fro's have coarse hair. Because it's the truth doesn't mean it's meant as an insult. I'm sorry you feel that it was. Other than him gagging when a strangers hair goes in his mouth and complaining about a strangers hair that's poking his face he's not saying it's bad or gross or he hates fros. I get that you've had your hair made fun of. But that's not what I'm doing here. I'm just describing a situation. If it was any other hair it would be the same thing. Eg. Her hair is dry like straw and I gag when it flops into my mouth. See its not contributing to any movement. It's description. Personally I feel it's really unfair that your using personal experiences to say I have malicious intent.