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I posted the very first story I ever wrote on Wattpad. So that makes the following tidbit really cool.

I'm repp'ed by Foundry Literary and Media agency http://www.foundrymedia.com
and in AU & NZ by Book Harvest Literary www.bookharvest.com.au/‎ (Cool right? A Wattpader getting agents!)

I LOVE dogs! I know what you're thinking-- writers are supposed to like cats. Personally I don't trust cats, they're way too smart for me.

Possibly the most random thing I do is collect clocks. A whole wall in my house is covered in them.

My favorite number is 3. (that's a thing right? Knowing people's favorite numbers) 

My favorite bug is a bumble bee and I even pet them. (That's right, I said it. I pet bees!)

I'm married to the world's most wonderful man. Who happens to be a rock star! His band is very popular in my Province (it's like a State but with more land and less people, and it's in Canada). ( http://towersandtreesmusic.com/ ) #win 

I also TWEET stuff https://twitter.com/RebeccaSky
And facebook- https://www.facebook.com/TheRealRSky
Let's be picture friends http://instagram.com/therebeccasky


The #Wattpad4 (my BFF's)= http://blog.wattpad.com/meet-the-wattpad4/

We do a read/review/share contest the first weekend of every month, and host a weekly twitter party. 
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The Love Curse

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Description: I can't kiss the boy I love. If I kiss him I'll lose him forever. Rachel Reeds has the ability to make any man she kisses fall in love with her─head over heels, completely, irrevocably, obsessed love. The last thing she wants is someone to love h...

#17 in Paranormal #20 in Adventure

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MOOD SCALE (Middle grade)

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HEART BEAT (Short Story)

HEART BEAT (Short Story)

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It sucks being a guy. Especially when you're actually a girl. Pink enthusiast, Rae Harper, has to act...

Hello darlings.  Wattpad4 is continuing our twitter chat on story structure with tonights topic of Falling Action at 8pm EST.  Hopefully you can come on out-bring questions. We love those. Find us on hashtag #wattpad4. Speaking of love. I won't be on much these next two weeks because we are packing and moving on the 1st. And of course I procrastinated starting packing until yesterday. (I have so much crap). Seriously, why do we keep all this stuff? I have boxes of things I haven't even opened in a year. I think it's time for a lifestyle change for me. Downsizing it all! (Well everything but my books. One can never have too many books). Anyway, that ramble was to say I won't be on much but I'm still finding time to read all your messages and thank you so much to those of you who have encouraged me and voted for CC in this year's #Wattys2014!  Y'all are class acts. Wish me luck packing... xoxo Rebecca
Wattpad4 is Watty-ing? Watty’s-ing? *Achem* Wattpad4 is participating in this years Watty’s! 

@DistantDreamer has entered A WITCHLINGS RITES a witchingly powerful tail: Abomination. Cursed. Murderer. That is what eighteen year old, Seraphina Dovetail is considered by her coven. As the seventh born daughter to a witch, she’s the cause of her mother losing her powers, and her life. Seraphina is thrust into a world where witches are being kidnapped, bodies are being raised from the dead, and someone is burning seventhborns alive. Seraphina will discover that not everyone wants to be found, some secrets are best left buried, and fire isn’t the only thing that makes a witch burn. http://w.tt/1plceOg

SHOOT ME DOWN a ghosty romance writer by @ELatimer just for the Watty’s: "I am going to haunt you forever." That's the promise that Breanne makes her killer. He cannot dump her body in the river and simply have his crime washed away. The detectives assigned to her case can't seem to pin anything on him, and her parents are beginning to believe the lies he tells. But Breanne is going to make sure he pays.

@LDCrichton entered her blood boiling romance A NEGATIVE:
Ashley didn’t know the man of her dreams was waiting for her when she moved to the country. But could her unknown health condition get in the way of true love? http://w.tt/1voDiSC

And if you like drama and smashing your head against desks than check out My (@RebeccaSky ‘s) entry CHEATERS CLUB:
After getting his heart broken, the last thing Finn Hudson thinks about is joining a club of men who specialize in seducing women. But when given a bet he can't refuse, Finn finds himself over his head in the game called love. http://w.tt/1voG5ek

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