Hi! I'm Kate, I live in the US, and I love to read/write! Thanks for reading and comment/vote! Also, shoot me a message if you have comments/questions/concerns/jokes/gripes etc.
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What's Not to Love

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Description: This is a story about how five people create their own love stories. This is a story about betrayal, love, heartache, choice, and friendship. This is a story about life. And what's not to love about life?

Comment on the flowery vs short sentence descriptions. That depends on the type of person. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Austen, Bronte, and Cather. But let's not forget the Hemingways. Not everyone has to be a Faulkner. Sometimes the to-the-point attitude allows for more reader imagination and is refreshing. They did it in Victorian literature too! Jane Eyre is full of it. Anyway, maybe it just depends on the type of mood you're in. Why not have an Austen day and a Hemingway day? Haha love ya Nina ;)