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it’s really simple if you think about it. i was about 11-ish (15 now) when i made this account. and yes, i was obsessed with one direction. originally this was supposed to be for my person enjoyment and i HONESTLY did not expect to become “wattpad famous”-especially at that age! it was really cool for the first year and a half: i got to do what i loved to do and other people actually enjoyed my stories. but that didn’t last very long

some of my friends knew about my wattpad, and i was actually okay with that. but soon enough it wasn’t a secret anymore and there were others who found it weird. the older i got the more people asked “your write fan-fictions!?” like it was some kind of taboo. i won’t say i’m ashamed of my stories, because i’m not, but it was pretty embarrassing. i didn’t feel the same way i did when i first started writing stories anymore and thats probably why i stopped (that and i didn’t have the time anymore).

i’m still me: i still love reading and writing (it’s the best thing in the world)! and *surprise, surprise* i still like one direction! i mean who doesn’t love a band with a cute accent?^-^ i just can’t say i love them to the extent that i wouldn't continue writing stories about them.

and before a wild pack of directioners start clawing at my face, by no means am i saying that fan-fictions are anything to be ashamed of. if it’s something you’re passionate about then props to you! don’t let the haters keep you down. xx

ᴘ. ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ
for those people irl who still think i’m weird for writing fan-fictions (three damn years ago) i seriously cannot care less. even if i'm not writing them anymore, i would never delete my stories. i am proud of them and you are irrelevant. if there’s someone with some growing up to do its you. get over it.

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My Brother's Best Friend (One Direction: Louis Tomlinson)

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