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it’s really simple if you think about it. i was about 11-ish (15 now) when i made this account. and yes, i was obsessed with one direction. originally this was supposed to be for my person enjoyment and i HONESTLY did not expect to become “wattpad famous”-especially at that age! it was really cool for the first year and a half: i got to do what i loved to do and other people actually enjoyed my stories. but that didn’t last very long

some of my friends knew about my wattpad, and i was actually okay with that. but soon enough it wasn’t a secret anymore and there were others who found it weird. the older i got the more people asked “your write fan-fictions!?” like it was some kind of taboo. i won’t say i’m ashamed of my stories, because i’m not, but it was pretty embarrassing. i didn’t feel the same way i did when i first started writing stories anymore and thats probably why i stopped (that and i didn’t have the time anymore).

i’m still me: i still love reading and writing (it’s the best thing in the world)! and *surprise, surprise* i still like one direction! i mean who doesn’t love a band with a cute accent?^-^ i just can’t say i love them to the extent that i wouldn't continue writing stories about them.

and before a wild pack of directioners start clawing at my face, by no means am i saying that fan-fictions are anything to be ashamed of. if it’s something you’re passionate about then props to you! don’t let the haters keep you down. xx

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for those people irl who still think i’m weird for writing fan-fictions (three damn years ago) i seriously cannot care less. even if i'm not writing them anymore, i would never delete my stories. i am proud of them and you are irrelevant. if there’s someone with some growing up to do its you. get over it.

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Hi there! I came by to say hello and I was wondering if you'd like to check out my works and maybe comment on what you think pls? It'd mean a lot! Thanks. :)
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I just wanted to say that even though I havent been writing often anymore, I am still grateful for all the people who have (and still are) reading my stories. I can't believe that 2-3 years ago that me writing stories was just an excuse to kill some time. It still shocks me everyday how far I've gotten on Wattpad.

Another Melody has 2,000,000+ reads! And its all thanks to you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3