Im a sweet, nice, random, some-what crazy person. xD I basically write to pass the time, and to express what I'm feeling. Hope you guys like my stories.

Certain details in my stories have happened to me, so not everything is completely made up.

Lemme know what you guys think. Even if its bad, constructive criticism is good. 
-xoxox <3
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"That's What They Tell Me."

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Description: writer's block. On hold til further notice... sorry. UNEDITED "They tell me I'm a nerd. They say I belong in a mental hospital. Thier rumors say I'm a whore. A bitch. A slut. A homewrecker. Sure, I'm not the greatest person in the world, so i wont...

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Messin With My Bestfriend's Brother

Messin With My Bestfriend's Brother

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What would happen if you suddenly didn't hate a specific person anymore? What if you started hanging out...

My Life

My Life

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My short stories/one-shots. <3

My short stories/one-shots. <3

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All of my stories. I wrote a few of these when i was younger. UNEDITED

Thank you all so much for 2.7k reads! This really means a lot to me, and an update should be coming soon. Love you all! :D
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So, I am from America; living in the Keystone State (Pennsylvania) :) and I have befriended a few people from different countries all because they read my books, which I find really cool (and so does...
Aye I live in Pennsylvania as well :)