16. Isabelle. 

Shit I like:
-3 a.m. thoughts
-vampire diaries
-twilight saga
-nevershoutnever (well, the old NSN)
-reading, writing, singing dance, etc.
- mayday parade
- Modern Family
- twitter (@izzyy_212)
- instagram (Isabelle2121998)
- the fault in our stars
-other stuff I can't think of
Things I support:
- Marriage equality
- gay rights
- gender equality
Things I am:
- 16
- girl
- incoming junior in high school
- straight
- good at school
- I can be funny, so funny
Things I hate:
- judgey people
- depression
- ocd
- 3 a.m. thoughts

if you're like me, then read my stories and follow me on social media or message me and we can chat and be internet friends weeeeeee
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