Hi everybody! 

In case you are wondering if my name is really JossieLeia..., well it's not. Jossie is short for Josephine, which is MY name (you'll see me write myself into my stories LOL) and Leia was a nickname my friends gave to me back in school because I had a crush on this guy who adores Star Wars and called himself Luke. So there you have it. I think Leia / Leah is a really cool name, by the way. 

I love to read. Romance is just my favourite. I'm trying out fantasies and thrillers too but so far haven't managed to beat my romance books! I started my first story when I was thirteen out of fun (A pity I've lost the script; I believe it was extremely erotic because I was reading Danielle Steele's books at that time...) And so naturally, I write romance as well. 

My passion is in music as well. I was a percussionist myself for eight years and still playing in church these days. I am also an active choral soprano. Recently I've taken up flute lessons as well. 

I'm stuck in an office basically doing little or no work, hence the time to write my stories. But on days where there's no updates, it just mean that I have plenty to do all of a sudden. And of course, I don't update on weekends. 

I'm happily married and have a one-year-old boy. So I'm not that young. But I do like to re-live my younger days and fantasize. That's how I get my ideas :-)
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Neverland - The Land beyond the Wall

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Description: Synopsis Beth Strong lives in Creaksville with her stepmother and stepsister. One day out on an errand, her stepsister who had always been jealous of Beth’s beauty, plotted a prank against Beth and threw her across the Wall to the Other Side. Ever...

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