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Ok, yeah, I am redoing this 'About Me' thingy
1. I like reading
2. I have a cat
3. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother
4. I really want a dog- UPDATE: I got a dog :)
5. My best friend is amazing
6. My favorite foods are pomegranates
7. My favorite drink is Snapple
8. I live in Texas
9. I live in the city part of Texas
10. I like scary movies
11. I talk a lot
12. I'm into thriller/action/gory stories and movies
13. I have a really bad sleeping pattern
14. My favorite TV shows are the Glee & Bones
15. I have a lot of pet peeves 
16. I'm 15 years old
17. I'm sadly very mature for my age
18. I'm a brunette
19. I like video games.... a lot
20 My current YouTube crave: dailygrace
21. I hate school- like with a burning passion
22. I adore my mother
23. My grandparents are the cutest
24. I wouldn't change my life for anything
25. My life moral: Don't take anything for granted.
26. I like to think I'm a normal-styled girl, ha. I basically wear whatever is pretty & comfortable
27. Music is a big part of my life
28. I'm actually very shy ha(:
29. I love texting people
30. Watching movies is my hobby- oh and sleeping too... I'm really good at that
31: I have a girl crush on Selena Gomez & Jennifer Lawrence.. Don't judge

There you go! 31 random facts about moi! If you have any questions about anything, just ask!
Thank you for fanning, voting, and commenting! It is really appreciated! Thank you also for reading any of my stories, it means a lot!

Xoxo, Amy


My Babysitter Is In A Gang?!

My Babysitter Is In A Gang?!

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Me and My Boys

Me and My Boys

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