Hey guys thank you for reading this it means a lot that you even followed me . umm facts about me :
- I'm antisocial
- I love music
- I love nature
- I'm fourteen 
- I'm a girl ( FEMALE)
- I'm single 
- I love to dance 
- I love to write ( mainly I write songs)
- I'm straight 
- I love sports; it releases my stress and just ahhh ( everything)
- wolves are the real deal <3 
- if you hurt my friends I'll hurt you {- -}
- want a boyfriend cause I've never had one
- I'm known as an emo
- I'm a tomboy, nerd, emo, loner freak. DEAL WITH IT !!!!
- I have comebacks 
- if one of you says anything against me or any of my fans on here I will report you 
- I'm here if you need to talk to someone
- I like most music but rock/metal is my favourite genre

So now that I've blabbered on, stay cool dudes/dudettes =P

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