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Name: Gen

Interests: writing (stories, poems, music); running; reading; eating; sleeping

What do I write about? : Romance and realistic fiction mainly.  I incorporate my experiences/ my friend's experiences into my stories.  Cutting, depression, and other mental health issues are a big part of my life.  A lot of people I know and love are in pain, so you will see that a lot in any story I write.  It can be triggering, so please read with caution.  I'm always opened to talking about your problems and please don't hesitate to ask me for advice regarding ANYTHING. 


You're worth it.


Life And It's Expectations (Poem Collection)

Life And It's Expectations (Poem Collection)

11 parts / 3 pages, updated Mar 08, 2013PG
4,954 reads votes 129 comments 78
Fourteen Days with Madison Lowe

Fourteen Days with Madison Lowe

3 pages, updated Sep 14, 2012PG
Arlene Winston died when she was just three years old, but paramedics brought her back to life. As Arlene goes on living, she discovers that death never t... read more
538 reads votes 22 comments 16
Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

Play Me That Song (The Emo Guy And The Guitar Girl)

33 parts / 101 pages, updated Aug 12, 2012PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
She has a frightening past. He has a problem but won't admit it. His brother can't live without him. Their band is the only family they know. And she walks right into the middle of all of it.
517,955 reads votes 9,519 comments 1,433

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@im_luna_k hi. Author here. I wrote this book 5 years ago when I was 13 and new to this site. I've wrote it a million times to not comment about...
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What's even more shocking is that I wrote this when I was 13, so technically this whole book is in the mind of a 13 year old :p maturity comes at...
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Please go back to chapter one and read the big blurb of words before this story even begins.
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@WritePerfectMemories @SockMonkey35 lol I'm getting so much on her age -.- listen I was 14 when I wrote this so I made her 14 and think they way I...
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